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Occurred : 8/11/2008 03:00 (Entered as : 08/11/2008 3:00)
Reported: 4/25/2021 2:13:27 PM 14:13
Posted: 5/20/2021
Location: Springfield, OR
Shape: Unknown
Abduction / Probes / Insight on Life

I was 18 I was visited one night in a night terror/abduction/sleep paralysis like episode. I had not done any drugs at that point in my life, was currently living at home and was raised in the Mormon church.

I awoke suddenly to my pitch black room....sweating with a feeling of unease, a feeling of a presence. When I tried to move I realized I was totally paralyzed expect for my eyes. I scanned the room with my eyes. To my absolute horror I saw a large column in the center of my room that was darker than the darkness of my room. Something was there, my eyes struggling to adjust, fighting for every last detail of what was before me. Then like in the blink of an eye I beheld my visitor.

It looked like a very tall bipedal bird like figure with very long plague doctor like "beak". Huge grapefruit sized black eyes that were more outside his face than they were inside. Sporting a slick black lab coat or duster fit for a Matrix movie. Bald head with curly white skullet, large raptor like hands and feet.

Upon witnessing the entity I became overwhelmed with terror and passed out from shock.....

I awoke suddenly again and remembered very quickly of what had just happened. I was still paralyzed and began to scan the room with my eyes but did not see any gradients in the darkness. It's gone I thought. Then the entity stood up and backed away from my bed. It had it's face so close to mine that the darkness of the room I was scanning was actually its eyes so close to mine I could not tell.

The crippling fear returned in an instant and I felt like I was going to pass out again. At that moment it "spoke" to me. It sounded like a extremely low vibration that translated itself into English in my head, in real time.

It called me by a name that was not my own. But I recognized this name as my own. A name that is not supported by our language. Once he had addressed me by this name all the feelings of fear ceased and I was overcome with a feeling of peace,love and safety. I then shifted into a alternate personality, the personality of the name I was being addressed by. I came to realize that this was the name of my soul, the name of the entity who is me occupying this human body. Turns out our terrestrial bodies and terrestrial names are just egos. Egos are like spaceships, vehicles for a special purpose of navigating the waters of eternity.

At that moment I remembered a lot of stuff that I can't explain. I remembered that I was on a mission. Somehow my life was a planned injection into the system for some other goal that in the moment I remembered, but now I cannot. It explained to me that it could perceive the entire contents of my mind and could somehow tell that I was passionate and serious about helping my fellow man through the darkness. It said that on special occasions, like the one at hand they could interject in the process to communicate and/or help us. It said that I possessed a unique perceptive that I was to share with my peers.

It explained that if I wanted to participate I would have to give my consent. It said that while they were allowed to make themselves known they could not truly interfere without my consent. It said that it had the power to make me believe anything was real, and that I did not have the ability to determine what was real and whats not. It asked if I wanted to continue.....

I declined, becoming very suspicious that was a malicious entity. "Needs my permission?" sounds like deal with the devil kinda shit. I got spooked, declined its offer and it dispensary right before me.

I awoke suddenly to an empty room. No longer paralyzed. Reflecting on what just happened. I became sad. I thought to myself. "Wow, that was your chance to learn something new, to participate in something beyond belief. I thought that was my one chance and I blew it because I was afraid. Lost in regrets I laid back down and tried to go back to sleep. Then BAM! It was back just like that, BAM! paralyzed again. "Am I awake or dreaming God dammit!" I was so confused.

The entity reminded me of how it just said that it could see my entire mind/soul/self like I could see pages of a book or view information off a DVD. It knew of my sadness and regret. It said it came back to make the offer one last time. This time I gladly accepted. It seemed very pleased and with that all went black.

I awoke was morning time. I got up, showered, got dressed, brushed my teeth and decided that I would take my mind off these events by offering to make pancakes for my family. As I was flipping the first round of flapjacks I felt the same presence that I felt in my episode. I laughed and blurted out "I know your there". Then I felt goofy because I realized my whole family was at the table behind my waiting on the pancakes. I turned around to see the entire breakfast scene was on pause. Straight up on pause. Like the steam from the food and everything. Freeze frame. And the entity was standing right there on the other side of the counter. It "chuckled" and said something patronizing like I was doing a good job and had a strong mind. That I was a "tough nut to crack" so to speak.

With that I was thrust into drama after drama. Normal real life basic dramas. Home,school,work,what have you......and every single time I was blindsided with a freeze frame and a little banter from this entity. I realized my mind was on a treadmill. A telepathic anesthetic technique. It kept on saying how much fun he was having actually having to try to keep my mind from seeing what was truly at hand. But it was not entirely successful and I did see what was really happening from time to time. You see during this whole "treadmill" of events I was getting blasted with short sporadic visceral images of my situation.

I was in a large metal room, naked, strapped to a large metal table in T pose. The table rotated into a vertical position and I saw informant of me this entity along with other entities but they were smaller and acted like aids to the main entity. Like I said this "scene" was being violently peppered into the "day dream treadmill" instances. Aka the telepathic anesthetic was hiding me from seeing but I was still getting traumatic slivers of my situation.

In this metal room the entity approached me with a large metal looking object. The apparatus was 3ft long about 2in in diameter with a slight curve. I was completely and utterly frozen with terror. It held up the apparatus and inserted it all the way into my mouth. I could feel the apparatus melt into small tendrils like lighting or tree growth pattern. Each tendril tip then locked into each rung of each strand of my DNA and was preforming read/write operations. I blacked out.

I awoke was night time, the same night still. I felt relived to realize that it all must have been a nightmare. That is when I heard a knock at my door. It was my little sister. She said she heard me thrashing in bed and wanted to see if I was OK. I was telling her of everything that just "happened" she was looking at her phone the whole time seemingly not interested with kinda hurt my feelings. In that moment she asked if she could show my something. We were both sitting on my bed. She got up and stood in front of me and turned here phone screen to my face. The white light of the blank screen temporarily blinded me. In that moment in the faded dark image behind the light of the screen my sister's skin began ripping like a shirt on a body builder and out her came the 7ft figure that had been toying with me all night.

That was when it happened. I realized in then that he was right. During the "day dream loops" and "abduction" stuff I had an underlying notion of disbelief. But the instance with my sister, being awake and talking to her. I literally thought that that was real life, that I was back to real life. But really the entity was just giving one last final blow in the stability of my perception of reality. It then asked once more if I cared to continue. I admitted to it that it was correct. I did in fact think that was real and it succeeded in proving that it indeed had the power it claimed to have. I submitted and said I would like to continue.

That is when it bent over. Our eyes now level, our gazes locked. I was slammed with a series of discrete images. All the images were from my perceptive doing various things but nothing about the images seemed to match my current situation in life. My bedroom, computer, set/setting. They were not memories........what were they? I awoke was the next day. All that crazy shit stuffed into a single night. I felt as I was gone from Earth for years, but is was just a single night. I got ready and left for my community collage. My first class of the day was drawing class. The teacher opened class with a basic exercise to get the class warmed up. She said "Draw something interesting you saw in a dream". I locked up with anxiety so bad I slammed my hands down to my desk frantically looking around expecting to get blindsided by the entity only to see the whole class staring back at me from the sound of me hitting my desk. Plus my expression must have been priceless! HaHa! It's been 13 years since that night.......or has it? I will literally never be able to tell the difference. But that was the gift I was given.

To make no choice matter.

To have and yet lose yourself, until finally all reasons why are forgotten.

To live through ones own shadow. Mute and blinded, is to really see.

A lie to maintain equilibrium, to hold me in this dead realm - this last ever dream.

I'm the thought that never crossed my mind - disguised in the evident.

I now no longer have a sense of real vs not real. It's all real. In fact the only thing that is truly impossible is to not exist. The proof of this fact that you already do exist. We will never cease to exist. The contents of our minds and the actions of our thoughts are just as valid as the "material" world. There is no prime mover but us. Having both fun and terrifying experiences, escaping repetition and boredom for the sake of not loosing grasp of ourselves during our eternal existence.

Here is the kicker. Over the last 13 years sometimes I will have deja vu. But instead of the normal deja vu sensation of knowing this happened already but having no memory of it happening. I would instead have a deja vu that linked back to a memory of where I saw that image in the first place. It's always one of the images that I was slammed with by the entity at the end of my episode. And they always occur when I am making a important decision in life or was looking for guidance on what to read/study next..

I have been making decisions based on these "memories" and it has led me on a life path so filled with synchronicity that I'm "tripping" sober each and every day.

I found DMT when I was 24 y.o and got the confirmation I was looking for. I have deja vu a lot while researching/studying physics and they have led me to a ton of new ideas. After 13 years of following this bread crumb trail of deja vu I now have a great life situation that I am thankful for and oddly enough plans for a new physics apparatus that might be the answer to interstellar and/or inter-dimensional and/or time travel. TOTALLY INSANE......I know.

I turn 31 this year. And I have not for a single second been able to remove what I saw from my minds eye. That night is BURNED into me. This year I finished the plans for my machine and plan on starting the build later this year. Some good follow up reading: Shadows of the Mind by Roger Penrose Cycles of Time by Roger Penrose Consciousness in the Universe: A review of the 'Orch OR' theory by Stuart Hameroff & Roger Penrose Wholeness and the Implicate Order by David Bohm The Undivided Universe by David Bohm & B.J Hiley Zen and the Brain by James H. Austin The Holographic Universe by Micheal Talbot