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Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/6/1905 12:00 (Entered as : 2014 12:00)
Reported: 4/26/2021 3:46:13 PM 15:46
Posted: 5/20/2021
Location: Germantown, MD
Shape: Formation
Over a course of 5 years, I have seen UFOs, observed bizarre behavior, and believe I may have directly been affected by it.

In 2013, my friend and her boyfriend were driving us back to her house (in Hagerstown, MD at that time). I was looking out the window from the back seat when I saw a deep green light in the distance over the woods, in the sky, that moved slowly, horizontally, before pausing and dropping directly behind the trees.

In 2014, my friend and I were walking our coworker to her car outside of our restaurant job in Germantown (at that time). As we were talking to her before she ducked into her car, I noticed, again, a deep green light in the distance, in the direction of Father Hurley Blvd. It moved horizontally before pausing and dropping vertically. Later that Summer, we were driving on the back roads at night (in Boyds), when we saw large lights scattered within close proximity of each other in the sky. What freaked us out were the helicopters (3) and the plane-like drone that were flying towards them.

In 2016, I was walking home from a friends house mid-afternoon. I happened to glance up when I saw what looked like a large bundle of black balloons. What stood out to me was that they didn't appear to be moving, and I also couldn't make out if that's what it actually was (I can't see too well from afar). Shortly after, it broke up into several black pieces and sort of floated in the general direction I was walking in. I had taken my phone out and snapped a few photos right before it began to move, in which it had startled me. In me rushing home, my eyes kept on it when it eventually moved back together and kind of steadily and smoothly glided away.

To add to 2016; there was a night when these two figures in my neighborhood displayed very bizarre behavior that still has yet to sit well with me. I was on my porch some time after midnight when I heard shoes dragging against gravel from the end of my neighborhood. These two figures turned the corner at the end of the neighborhood and began to slowly walk in my general direction. They stopped at one point before one of them started to walk backwards at an angle, never turning to see what was behind him/her. The other person was walking towards a white van when they appeared to see me before taking a single step behind the van. I went inside at that point because of the sketchy behavior. We had a large, bay window in the living room/front of the house, so I peered behind the curtain. After a moment, I watched one of them make their way down my sidewalk, up my yard, to the window. They just stood there, never moved to look in or around, they just stood in front of me. I didn'! t make out a face as everything was dark within their hood. I eventually ran to get my brother and called the police. The next day, my uncle who lived up the block from us, his truck had been broken into and all of the papers within it tossed. Nothing was taken. That probably has nothing to do with the sightings, however directly after this happened, I started having dreams about things being on fire and tanks/planes falling from the sky. The dreams have not stopped yet, and are almost always consistent on a daily basis. I read that someone else who claimed to have seen UFO's had two men in hooded attire knock on his door late at night who frightened him. He claimed to have seen weird things in his head and had consistent dreams of wars. That's what made me want to bring this to light.

The last time I saw a UFO was in September of 2017 in Cancun, Mexico. It was at a resort and it seemed to be very far. It was pale looking and I think tic-tac like. I watched it move quickly back and forth but didn't know if I was actually seeing it. My brother's husband along with his brother claimed to then see it, which made me believe it was real. They are two of the biggest skeptics I know, so it solidified that for me.

I hope this sheds some light on your research, and I appreciate the work you all do in learning and expanding on the general knowledge of life as a whole.