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Occurred : 3/1/2020 20:30 (Entered as : 03/01/20 20:30)
Reported: 5/4/2021 3:20:15 PM 15:20
Posted: 5/20/2021
Location: Tonopah, AZ
Shape: Triangle
Duration:15-20 minutes
Lights Observed Over Nuclear Generating Station

Hello, I live Tonopah Arizona, which happens to be within ten miles of the nations largest nuclear generating station – Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station. I have observed many strange lights/objects in the sky since I moved into this area in 1996. Tonopah is about 40 miles west of downtown Phoenix. My children grew up here in Tonopah and have also witnessed many strange occurrences in our night skies.

I am not writing today to report a recent event. I was not aware there was such an entity as the UFO Center for reporting until I watched the documentary by Dr. Lynne Kitei called ‘Phoenix lights’. I do not recall seeing this UFO, nor did my children report seeing this specific event, dated March 13, 1997.

What I am reporting today is the continual sightings around the Palo Verde area in general. From my observations the visits continue to be in the March and October timeline of the year, however, that’s not to say previous observations were not made during other months of the year.

Fact: Palo Verde down-powers one of the three power generating units to refuel and complete required maintenance every March/April and October/November on a permanent basis.

Observation: Nuclear power would most likely be of great interest to other life forms outside our world. If others worlds are observing earth, powering down and then powering up nuclear generators could attract their interest or attention.

I have never tracked or reported any of the 10+ sightings I have observed, at any time, in the past 25 years. I simply acknowledged that there are extraterrestrials and go about my life.

The last sighting for me was in March, 2020. I have a direct view of Palo Verde from my backyard. There is nothing but flat desert from my backyard to the corner where Palo Verde is situated about ten miles away. At night, it looks like a city, all lit up and naturally, we look at it nightly.

One night, while sitting at the table with my husband, both of us looking out towards Palo Verde, three lights appear suddenly in our field of vision. They are directly above Palo Verde, high up in the sky.

I ask my husband if he see’s the lights – Yes. We both see the lights. There are three round lights in a triangle formation, each light equally distanced from the other. We watch, we watch, perhaps watching for at least 5 minutes, when suddenly one of the lights just fade away. So now there are only two lights, still equally distanced. We continue watching. We both have our phones, and with the camera’s, we take a couple pictures.

However, there is nothing on the picture that is identifiable. The lights are too far away to be captured on an I-phone camera, it’s just a speck in the background.

I grab the binoculars. Now I can clearly identify the lights in the sky. I observe halos of colors (amber, green, blue) that surround each of the circles of light. The lights aren't moving. Not at all. They are stable and steady. I give the binoculars to my husband, and he watches the lights. There are still only two lights at this time.

Again, I look through the binoculars and as I am watching the lights, the third light slowly comes back and now I see three equally glowing lights again. We continue to observe the lights until they disappeared suddenly from the sky. One minute they are there, the next gone, just disappeared.

However, we continue watching. A minute or two later, the lights re-appear, but they have moved to a different position in the sky. They were directly in front of us last time, and this time they are to our right. We continued to observe three round lights in a triangle formation, each light equally distanced from the other.

The whole observation was at least 10-15 minutes long. Again, I saw what I saw, acknowledged that there is extraterrestrials and we both went about life, never reporting anything to anyone.

But one never fully forgets what we have observed in the Tonopah sky at night. I have many of these stories, my kids have stories, I’m sure others here in Tonopah have seen ‘something’ as well.

What I can say today is that the very next time this type of phenomenon is observed in the Tonopah sky, I will be sure to report it on your web-site asap! If someone were interested in setting up a good camera in hopes of getting some video, I certainly have the place to do it!