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Occurred : 3/26/2021 07:15 (Entered as : 03/26/21 07:15)
Reported: 5/5/2021 11:36:45 PM 23:36
Posted: 5/20/2021
Location: Luning, NV
Shape: Triangle
Duration:90-120 seconds
US Military transporting "UFO" in Nevada

On the morning of Friday March 26th 2021 at approx 0715 hrs I was driving southbound on Hwy 95 in the state of Nevada beginning to enter the area of the town of Luning Nevada.

I was on a family trip and my young child was riding in the rear of my car. We had stayed the previous night in a hotel in the town of Hawthorne Nevada. My child awoke early so we were on the highway earlier than normal.

As we entered the outskirts of Luning Nevada heading south I could see a large amount of red and blue lights coming northbound heading in my direction. It appeared to me that law enforcement was quickly approaching and due to having my child with me I looked for a safe area to park off the highway.

At the intersection of Hwy 95 and State Route 361 (it heads north east to Gabbs Nevada) I saw a wide dirt/gravel shoulder and safe pullout onto 361. I safely parked my vehicle at this location. I then turned to my child in the rear seat and said to watch as all the police will be passing us by.

It was at this time that the first of approx. 8 to 10 marked blue in color Nevada State Troopers patrol vehicles pulled directly next to my drivers side door of my car. I rolled down my window and in a polite yet stern tone the trooper stated "You need to move your vehicle right now. You need to make a u-turn and park on the other side of the road. Thats where they are going".

At first I was completely surprised. I apologized to him and told him with my child in my car I was only looking for a safe place to park out of the way. He stated "That's fine but move your car and make a u-turn right now".

I did as he stated and made a u-turn to the opposite shoulder of Route 361 and my car was now parked facing more west and looking at Hwy 95. At this time I realized the Nevads State Troopers had closed all north and south bound traffic on Hwy 95 at the junction of 95 and 361. Also at this time 2 different Nevada State Troopers parked their vehicles almost mirror to mirror to the drivers side of my vehicle effectively blocking my exit from my vehicle.

I was again surprised by the amount of law enforcement and their clear and coordinated efforts to shut down the hwys and I must admit I was intimidated.

At this time I then viewed what appeared to be a light green military type truck with what I can only describe as "camo" wearing armed military personnel coming north off Hwy 95 and then taking Route 361 north east. My child then said "hey dad army guys!". We could see the vehicle passing through the windows of the Nevada State Trooper patrol vehicles next to us.

I then observed a large white diesel truck with no markings other then some numbers in black across the bottom below the doors. The man driving appeared to be wearing a tan shirt but I did not see a uniform on him. He was slowly negotiating a wide turn from Hwy 95 onto Route 361 and he was pulling a flat bed trailer.

It was at this time that the shock of my life took place. On the flat bed trailer, under tight black tarping, strapped with trucker bed straps was only what I can call a "UFO". As I was processing what I was witnessing my child stated "Look Dad a UFO! I can fit in that!".

I was in total shock, my heart was beating so fast all I could say back was "thats a UFO!! Thats what people see!! Thats a UFO!!". It was clear and obvious it was some type of aerial craft.

At this time I briefly considered grabbing my cell phone to get a photo but I was intimidated by the 2 Nevada State Troopers parked so close to my vehicle I could not even get out. And both had all eyes on me and my actions. With my child in the vehicle I decided not to risk being detained by them.

The white diesel truck and flatbed rounded the corner and went north east on Route 361 towards Gabbs Nevada. My whole viewing of the craft lasted maybe 90 seconds to 2 minutes as they were driving very1 slow and making the turn from one hwy to the next took some coordination.

My best description of the craft is as follows: Domed/Saucer shaped in the middle, triangle wings but each of the 3 triangle wings are blunted or flat on the ends. This was clear as the black tarps were not loose on the craft but tightly wrapped making the form surprising visible.

I would guess the craft height from bottom on the flat bed trailer to the top of the middle dome/saucer to be between 4 and 5 feet in height. The wing span from tip to tip I guess between 25 to 30 feet. The edges of it were hanging off the sides of the flatbed trailer considerably.

The convoy of Nevada State Troopers continued in front of and behind the military transport of this craft. As they proceeded north east on Route 361 the last of the troopers reopened Hwy 95. A final officer was kind enough to pull along the side of our vehicle, smile at my son, wave and give a thumbs up. Almost a way of acknowledging what we had witnessed.

I remained speechless, heart racing and in total shock. I considered if it had been a military drone but if it was it was the largest I had ever seen. And why such a law enforcement and military presence with this craft if it was only a drone? I then drove onto Hwy 95 southbound and went just a mile or so up to the rest stop in Luning. There I met half a dozen other travelers who had been stopped on Hwy 95 by the troopers as I had been on Route 361. They to were also in shock and asked if we to had seen the "UFO". All agreed we were in the right place at the right time but no one knew who we could report it to.

While using the restrooms at the rest stop and still in shock a older Hispanic Male in a truck stopped. I noticed he had Nevada license plates. He asked if we had seen the "UFO". I stated we had. He said that was what people report as a UFO but that the military had them (the craft) and test flies them out of the Tonopah Test Range (south and east of our location). He then stated "the scuttle butt from the contractors is they are moving them (the craft) to a new underground base outside Gabbs". I asked how he knew this and he stated he lived outside Tonopah and knew "contractors" who worked at the test range.

That is essentially my story. My child and 6 to 8 other motorists were also witness to this event.

This last part is MY OPINION.

I would like to end my report by stating that after reflecting the last few weeks on this incident I fully feel what we witnessed was not a craft made by aliens. But a craft designed or copied from such technology and built by the United States Military. Its small interior size means it is either unmanned or manned by one small person laying flat or possibly sitting inside. Unfortunately due to the tarps I could not see any of the color or possible materials it was made or composed of.

I now know for fact the United States Military has craft "unknown" to us and if witnessed (especially at night) by the public all would report this craft and others like it as a "UFO".

Strangely I also now have a renewed faith and respect for the United States Military after this incident. Clearly they are way more advanced in their aircraft technology then they will ever admit. The deserts of middle Nevada clearly still have the answers.