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Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/15/1981 18:00 (Entered as : 12/15/1981 18:00)
Reported: 5/17/2021 5:38:45 AM 05:38
Posted: 5/20/2021
Location: North Wildwood, NJ
Shape: Cylinder
Duration:1 hour
I was driving home from work in Atlantic City I exited the Garden State Parkway at exit 6. I proceeded towards my house on 1st and Central Aves. In North Wilwood. I saw something over me at the stop sign at New Jersey Ave. It was round the size of a bus with spinning red and green lights. I got out of my car and stood looking at it. It was at the most 100 ft above me. It was silent. It was stationary.

I was less than ¼ mile from home. Two blocks over. I jumped in my car and quick drove home. My boyfriend was there. I told him. Our apartment was a second floor apartment with a view of Herefords Inlet. We had picture windows with a telescope.

We watched this object move up the coast for over an hour. It deliberately moved at an angle moving up the angled toward the coast before it dissapeared. I felt it was making a survey the way it moved.

I called Pomona where I knew they had an airbase that could be testing aircraft and reported it as we were watching as it was there for over an hour.

This object wS as big as a bus but cylindrical and flatish.