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Occurred : 5/16/2021 09:00 (Entered as : 5/16/2021 9:00)
Reported: 5/16/2021 9:24:02 PM 21:24
Posted: 5/20/2021
Location: McDonald, PA
Shape: Unknown
Duration:1.5 hours
15 crafts in space that raced, darted, faded in and out, pretended to be stars, and wobbled in all directions in the sky.

This evening my daughter and I had been out feeding bottle lambs in the field. We had to get them back to the rest of the flock and also sneak away so they would not follow us. They think we are their moms, but if they cannot find us then they will stay with the rest of the sheep and the guardian dog where they will be safe. The sun had just gone down completely so it was hard to see so we used that to our advantage to “disappear”. We walked through the flock of sheep and circled around to walk along the fence knowing they cannot see that well and will loose us in the other sheep if we walk quickly. As we circled around to the entrance of the field I heard a couple of stray bottle lambs calling so we stopped. We have 13 of them and the smallest ones are harder to escape from. If we kept going they would have made us so we waited. I was counting on that they would eventually follow the direction we had left them and also the sound of the other sheep be! cause they don’t want to be left behind. We stood there quietly listening for a few minutes as they called to the sheep and made their way towards the flock.

I got bored quickly and started looking at the stars while still listening to the lambs as they made their way. I quickly noticed a formation of small lights that were very high in the sky. They were moving steadily from east to west. We live near an airport so I first just assumed they were high altitude planes. They were moving at that speed, maybe a bit faster. Then quickly realized they were not flashing at all, several high altitude planes did appear and it was easy to tell that was not what we were looking at. As I mentioned we live near an airport and there is a lot of air traffic. So, then I thought they must be satellites. Though, I thought it was odd they were in a trapezoid formation. I pointed them out to my daughter who was with me. She is 13 and she started watching them too. Then I realized there was 5 in formation then another two out front and then another two appear towards the rear. They traveled at a mostly steady rate and constant light. Then! my daughter said, “did you see that?” I said, “no what?” She said the one I the rear of the trapezoid was doing something strange. So, I focused on the one and saw that is was actually wobbling. Moving up and down as it was tracking with the others. She said yes it is, but that’s not what she saw. She said it had flirted around really fast. So I kept watching and then I saw it too. It would zip at light speed backward or in another direction for just a split second. Sometimes so fast it just looked like it just faded out or disappeared and flash behind it appeared then it was back. This happened In different directions, not always behind. So that solidified they were not satellites either. For reference these moved across half the sky in no more than 5 minutes then stopped after we were commenting on them. After they stopped I pulled out my phone and checked my star app and it said that I was looking at the constellation Leo. The “stars” did line up with it b! ut, unless stars now forget their place and cross half the sky! in five minutes to get back in place and they also wobble and flit around while they do it... THEY WERE NOT STARS. We realized they were pretending to be stars and that was the reason for he formation. Yet, even then after they stopped the back “star” was still moving around in the sky not holding still.

We were now alert that things were not as they seemed and we stated looking at some other “stars and satellites”. The two in front of the formation were no longer visible. The two behind the trapezoid formation had kept moving after those stopped and then one just faded out and disappeared. The brighter one kept going for a minute then stopped. We turned around and saw two bright lights over one of our big oaks out in the field. They were so bright I thought those ones HAD to be planes so we watched for a minute. They never did flash and didn’t get closer or farther away. Other airplanes headed for the airport flew by and it was clear they were not planes. I checked my star app and it said it was part or Aries. Then the lower one started to quickly drop in the sky and first faded out, and then brightened back up and got so low it disappeared behind the tree. At this point I messaged my husband and told him we were surrounded by UFOs and he came out on the quad to se! e what was going on. Then the higher one started moving quickly across the sky at a steady rate to the south. When we commented on it, it stopped. When he got he got there we told him what we had seen and he of course didn’t believe us. So I pulled out my star app and the “star” that had been in Aries was now saying it was part of Apus. So the “star” had “flown” past Cygnus and into some harp constellation I had never heard of before. I told him just wait a minute and watch.

Sure enough, soon my daughter spotted another “star” obviously dancing around in the sky. It was not a part of the original fleet but in a similar part of the sky. We all watched it weave and swing and dip every which way. Then the bright star behind the trapezoid formation started moving again towards the “Leo” trapezoid formation which was still holding still. Then another “satellite” started moving west to east in the same part of the sky. Joey said for sure THAT ONE was satellite, until half way across the sky it disappeared. At this this point his mind was pretty blown but I said, “I bet there are more” so we turned around to the north again and ANOTHER light I had taken for granted as star started dancing around too! So, we watched that for a minute or two as it dipped and weaved around. Then we turned back around to the south and I looked suspiciously at “Leo. I took out my star app out again and their cover was blown because while they no longer lined up with ! “leo”! They had not moved with the constellation as it would move. The “star” furthest east no longer lined up at all. They accidentally held too still! At this point my daughter and I had been out there watching this craziness for darn near an hour, and I had to get back in to get the little kids to bed and what not. We headed back toward the house. Then I remembered I had not given one of our guardian dogs her medicine so I went up to the barn to do that. I noticed she need water so went out to fill her bucket and while it was filling I looked up at the sky again to see another very bright “satellite” booking it across the sky faster than any of the other had been until my view was blocked by the barn roof above me. I checked for the “Leo” stars on the way down tot he house and they were still there, still pretending to be a constellation, but even further out of line of where the actual constellation was supposed to be in the sky.

I am 38 years old, I have never before seen anything that I could not write off as an airplane or satellite in the sky. I don’t drink and have never so much as smoked a cigarette since they are my number 1 asthma trigger. I have an undergraduate degree in environmental science, and a master’s degree in biology. I own and operate a 127 acre sustainable and regenerative farm with grass only beef cattle, sheep, goats, turkeys, chickens, and ducks. I don’t spend a lot of time looking for UFOs, nor do I have time to even if I wanted. But, I sit here now wondering how many times have a I looked up at stars were not actually stars? Why would UFOs pretend to be stars or constellations? What is the purpose? These questions disturb me nearly as much as the fact that I have witnessed indisputable UFOs. What are they doing and why are they pretending? And why SOOO Many!??? Just, why???