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Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/13/2021 21:00 (Entered as : 05/13/2021 21:00)
Reported: 5/17/2021 11:01:47 PM 23:01
Posted: 5/20/2021
Location: Marysville, WA
Shape: Changing
Duration:3 hours
Immense colorful shapeshifting Orb illuminating hovering in the sky.

After returning home from a long day of work, the sun had set. Being approximately 9:00pm PDT I arrived in my driveway. In accordance to a compass, my driveway faces the front of my house to the north, and the back of my house facing towards the south. My property being centered from street light illumination, allowed the 05/13/2021 clear night sky to appear even more crisp with clarity. As I left my vehicle, walking towards the east, my eyes trailing the night sky came to a violent holt. Frozen in my steps I paused. An object of great vibrant color changing illumination completely silent, hovering in one location to the north east in accordance to my house position.

30 minutes has passed, comparing the object to the east edge of my house, my reference point has not changed. Completely still in the same location the object has not changed position in reference to the edge of my house. As minutes passed, I watched the object display multiple patterns of bright polluting light. Giving off different shapes with each sequence of color change in random grouped order. The lights displayed pure radiant energy.

Completely amazed and in utter disbelief, I realize that the object is nothing I have ever witnessed in my entire life. After an hour of constant display, I left my reference point and rushed into my house. Frantically gathering my aunt and cousin. Rushing back to my reference point, the object has only changed its pulsing display of color.

Ruling out possible explanations of the object being a plane, helicopter, and or drone. Two hours has passed and the objects stillness questions who revolves around who. My aunt and cousin speechless with confusion. All I want is a closer look. My aunt leaves to return with a pair of binoculars. Winding the focus lense my jaw drops. Centered in my view the object forced vibrant light in split seconds. Red flash, elongated speckled light triangle, green flash, speckled hexagon diamond, blue flash, assortment of speckled lines, white flash, solid speckled perimeter, yellow flash, center and trip to tip. The arrangement has no pattern but a sequence of shapes and mixed colors.

The object hasn’t alone. Passing off the pair of binoculars hand by hand, the dazzling shapes and colors was the beginning. In split seconds the color arrangement seized to only a white center orb with a perimeter of white sequenced dots. In this seize of color, four small pin point objects arranged outward from the Initial object and disappeared in all directions. Coming up on 3 hours of the objects fixed position, the color display begins again only in completely different arrangements. Passing from the west to the east, a raising humb of an airplanes engine crosses paths with the object. Reviling the sheer size and blinding illumination compared to the plane’s signal lights. The altitude of the object is unknown but obvious to sit higher then the planes flight path.

It has been 3 hours and the objects position begins to change. Seemingly to roll across the sky, the object appears flat, in a slow sweep right to left the object is gone from view 3 hours has passed and it is now 12:00am. The Dazzling color show so quick to end only leaves the dark absence of night in its untouched position.