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Sighting Report
Occurred : 1/2/2020 00:00 (Entered as : 01/02/2020 0:00)
Reported: 5/27/2021 5:05:29 PM 17:05
Posted: 7/31/2021
Location: Chamblee, GA
Shape: Changing
Duration:2 hours
January 2, 2020 - Moving star that shape-shifted and followed us - Entity witnessed in window of hotel hallway.

Observers: Myself (36yrs old) and my son (16yrs old) Background of Observers: Both of us have no history of UFO sightings nor were we UFO/Alien believers prior to this occurrence. We have both been very hesitant to report as our experience didn't feel friendly, in fact, the best way to describe the feeling from this 'thing' would be "purposefully intimidating" and "watchful".

Sidenote: We have had another encounter with this 'thing' post our first experience and we have also had, what I can only describe as, "energy encounters" as well that all won't be listed in this sighting description.

*Sighting started January 1, 2020, just before midnight and went into January 2, 2020, after midnight.

Full Sighting Description: It was just before midnight on January 1, 2020, when my son and I came home. We parked in our reserved parking space at our condo which is located on the top floor (open to the sky) of a six-story building. We were sitting in our car talking for a while (I was actually giving him a lecture for something that happened earlier that evening) when he pointed out this star in the sky. We recognized it as Sirius as it was larger than most stars, brighter, and flashed rainbow colors. He noticed that it was moving to the left and then disappearing only to reappear in the exact same location a few minutes later. When it reappeared the last time (I'm guestimating we had been observing it for about 30 min or so) it started moving again, except, this time it was slightly moving up and down, right and left, etc. I know this sounds weird, but we both said to each other that it felt like it knew we were watching it and it was watching us back. That's when it star! ted moving to the left again, in the same pattern as before, but this time it didn't disappear, it just kept moving. This was when we started to feel very uneasy. At one point, as it was moving to the left, it passed right under an airplane/aircraft (not sure how close they were in reality, but from our perspective, they looked fairly close). The plane was an obvious aircraft because it had the typical blinking lights on the wingtips, etc. Well, as soon as this 'star thing' moved under the plane, it immediately mimicked the airplane - the blinking wingtip lights, red flashing lights and all. It was at this moment when we both kind of freaked, like, this star just turned into an airplane - that's impossible, right? We both jumped out of our car in order to look up and follow its path. As soon as it passed the plane, it turned into 3 orbs (I hate using that term but it's the best way to describe it), then went to 2 orbs and then back to one solid light orb and it was moving t! hrough the air almost as if it was swimming. It's very hard to! describ e but almost as if it was doing the butterfly stroke - it moved very smoothly, like gliding, but with smooth wave-like patterns. Also to note, at this point, it was not far up in the sky. I'd compare it to the height of a private plane or helicopter, maybe. Eventually, it moved almost completely parallel to the rooftop (which was at a higher point than us as there are stairs from the parking rooftop that go up to the tennis courts and outdoor lounge area). So, to not lose track of it, we both darted across the parking deck and ran up the stairs to the tennis court. We still had it in our sight when it took a complete 90-degree turn in our direction. We weren't even talking to each other, it was absolutely freezing cold outside and terribly windy and we were just fixated on it. It was both scary and fascinating. It was like you couldn't take your eyes off of it. We're watching it go over us when it suddenly stops in place (above us, yet, in front of us) and a bright light com! es on and shines right at us and it's just hovering - no sound at all. The light was incredibly bright. Almost like a police spotlight that they shine in your back window if you get pulled over at night, but larger. It was completely blinding. I felt like it was trying to intimidate us. I completely freaked out and grabbed my son's jacket to get him to run away, but he didn't move at first. Then I literally yelled at him to "f****** run" (sorry for the language) and he snapped out of it and ran with me back down the stairs and into the car. We immediately took off down the parking deck while both yelling "What the hell was that!" We were both freaking out the whole way down while trying to confirm with each other what we both had just witnessed. We didn't even know where we were driving to but we knew we wanted to get far away from that location. At the time, I had been checking on a friend's dog while they were on vacation, so I decided that we would he! ad over to their house and just stay there for the evening. Th! e house was approximately 3 miles away. As soon as we took a right turn to the road their house is off of, a low flying aircraft was hovering tree-top level. It was the shape of a triangle with no base, but lights underneath. What's interesting is that I heard no noise, but my son says he heard a helicopter-like sound. I have no clue how we both were there and heard two different things. It felt like it was anticipating us turning onto that street as if it was waiting for us. That's when I completely lost it and started crying out of fear. We sped under it and kept driving and there was this overwhelming bad feeling/energy that was so thick in the air (it's so hard to explain). I felt like something bad was going to happen to us but I didn't know what. It felt like we were being stalked, watched, not wanted, and threatened. We kept driving (never stopping at my friend's house) and we had no clue where we were driving, just getting away. We drove to the main road and I recalled a hot! el that I figured we could park at as it's open 24 hours therefore it felt safer. This hotel was about another 2+ miles down the road. As soon as we made a right turn into the hotel parking lot, we both saw it at the same time and I stopped my car in place. There was a figure in the hallway window on the 5th floor of the hotel, just standing still with its arms in its pockets, facing us - completely unmoving. Please take note, that this is a hotel that's solely stayed at by business persons. It's an extremely quiet neighborhood, the hotel had maybe 1/3 occupancy as there were very few cars in the parking lot. The window that this thing was standing at faced absolutely nothing but this semi-empty parking lot. There is no site to see outside that hallway window, nor would I guess anyone could see much of the dark outside parking lot through the window with all the bright lights on in the hallways of this hotel. My son did snap a photo of this thing in the window from his iPho! ne that I will forward via email. We were probably stopped the! re for a bout 30 seconds just staring and the most awful feeling of dread came over the both of us. I literally felt the blood draining from my face. I have never been so scared in my life. We zoomed out of the parking lot and got to the left turn light at the intersection we turned around to see if it was still in the window and it turned facing its left (which we went back to that hotel days later to see what would have been on the thing's left side and it's just a wall). We take that left onto the main road again, now driving toward the nearest gas station when that same aircraft passes over us again. We pulled into the gas station and I immediately called my sister (who didn't pick up the phone) then I called my parents (who were both well into their sleep at this time) and told them everything that had just happened because we really thought something was going to happen to us that night and we wanted someone to know. My dad suggested going to a 24-hour diner (since we did not w! ant to go back to our house nor would we have been able to sleep) so I looked one up that was closest to us and we headed straight there – never been to this diner before, it’s called Landmark Diner in Buckhead. After we arrived, we were handed menus and at the top of the menu, they have a big tagline that says, “Where The Stars Meet At Night” – Could this be a coincidence? Sure, but what are the odds? Then when my son went to use the restroom he came out and asked me to come into the men’s bathroom to see the light. There were several recessed light fixtures in the ceiling and they were all white except one that was flashing every color of the rainbow. I went and asked the manager why they had one light in the bathroom that flashes different colors and he asked me to show him. I did, and he said he never noticed that before and that maybe it needed to be replaced and was about to die (I have iPhone video footage of this light in the bathroom as well that I will forward ove! r via email). I was talking to my son at the diner and I was t! elling h im how weird this was as I had just seen this triangle-shaped craft in the clouds earlier that day when I was walking the dog. He asked me to describe it, I did and told him it was on the side grass entrance to the Whole Foods parking lot in Chamblee. He thought it was weird and crazy but we kept talking about everything else that had just taken place that night so it stayed more of a random coincidence-style 'side note' part of the conversation. The evening ended with us sleeping in our car in a 24-hour McDonald's parking lot for the following 2 nights because we didn’t want to go back to where we first witnessed this thing. That's how very real this was.

Now jump forward around 6 months after this event took place... We seldom talk about it, not because it's not interesting but because there's nothing much to ever get out of the conversation - we're always left with unanswered questions so it becomes redundant to mull it over again and again. But this evening, we were both home and talking about something entirely different in the living room, when suddenly he relates something to the triangle thing I had mentioned back on Jan 2, that I had seen while walking the dog. I go to explain to him how weird it was and the details (it was huge and literally in the clouds but very visible) when he asked me, "Nobody else saw it?" I was thinking for a moment, and I was like, "No, I guess not. Maybe? I wasn't really looking around though." Then he asked me what dog I was walking over by the Whole Foods area. That was when we both kind of blankly stared at each other and we realized it at the same time. I don't know w! hy I would be walking ANY dog over by the Whole Foods location. That's a mile and a half down the road from us. I also don't remember what dog I was walking. I can't remember the exact time it took place or the most obvious part - why anyone wouldn't have seen this humongous flying triangle object in the clouds hovering over the parking lot. It couldn't have taken place. Period. And why did we not realize how ridiculous that was when I told him that same story that evening at the diner? Why did it take us 6 months to realize this is an impossibility? I can't even recall that entire day up until the point I picked up my son and we drove home and saw this thing. Now that I know my memory couldn't have happened, I don't know what to make of what I actually did do that day. We were both sitting there just kind of stunned and confused by the whole thing when our dog (an 80lb Rhodesian/Mastiff mix starts physically shaking and pacing back and forth whining. We got that overwhelmi! ng fearful feeling again just as we did the night of Jan 2nd, ! literall y goosebumps all over both of us. We're trying to tell my dog "It's ok" and figure out what's wrong when he gets on top of the couch literally balances himself on the very top, where you rest your head, and is shaking uncontrollably and refuses to get down. We've since had many blinking light issues, no just in our home, but many friends and family homes, in the car, etc. The light thing seems to be a semi-regular occurrence. The weird wave of energy that we will get at the exact same time that is absolutely identical to the energy that thing in the sky gave has happened about a handful of times over the last year and a half. There's a couple of other short instances when this has taken place that I won't go into more detail about at this time as this is already a very long description. I would be very interested to speak with someone who knows about these things. We both would be 100% willing to take lie detector tests, etc.