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Occurred : 5/27/2021 21:00 (Entered as : 05/27/21 21:00)
Reported: 5/27/2021 8:07:53 AM 08:07
Posted: 7/31/2021
Location: Oak Island, NC
Duration:15 min
4 orange triangles with many white lights that followed

At approximately 9:30pm we were sitting, as a family, on the porch overlooking the ocean. I looked up to see in the clear night sky, just overtop of the adjacent ocean front home, a single triangle shaped, light orange object a few hundred yards away. It was alone briefly before being joined by another, then another and so on until there were 4. My wife and 2 adult sons then saw the objects. Then they “disappeared” without any discernible sound (although the waves were fairly loud).

While we were debating what we saw my son noticed that just off shore there was an amazing spectacle taking place with what appeared to be many separate white lights twinkling off and on- back and forth with other groups. Above them appeared to be either a solid, very large triangular object or perhaps some that were in a triangle formation. This continued for some time in the southern sky while a cargo ship was not too far away ( for perspective on the distance from shore- the objects were about as far out as the ship which was just to the east) and what appears to be commercial airline flights which allowed us to estimate the objects were now at around 3-4K ft. As the display continued we could hear what we knew was a military jet coming from the east up the beach towards us. The jet came by just overhead and slightly off shore at a little higher altitude than the objects which were flashing white rapidly among each other and underneath the triangle object. The jet stayed ! straight following the beach and did not attempt to fly towards or engage - or not that we could tell. Then abruptly- it ended and they were gone.My oldest son and I walked onto the beach in hopes of seeing more and at around 10pm the 4 orange colored craft reappeared several hundred yards off shore at what appeared to be 1,000 feet or so above the surface. They “glowed” in unison for a brief moment and then they were gone.

We are all professional people. Don’t subscribe to belief in space aliens etc. We took video and when we zoom in it appears at least one craft resembles the “tic tac” shaped object we have seen on the news. We heard no sound aside from the jet. The objects movement in the sky was erratic at times and at other times it moved precisely and smoothly and slowly. This is the truth as we experienced it. We are considering video and drawing images of what was seen. The incident took place at West Beach Dr and 23rd St Oak Island NC. The craft were in the southern sky at approximately 227 degrees SW.