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Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/19/2021 22:00 (Entered as : 05/19/21 22:00)
Reported: 6/1/2021 3:02:13 PM 15:02
Posted: 7/31/2021
Location: Garibaldi, OR
Shape: Changing
Duration:05/29/21 to 05/31/21

This is my 4th report to your agency because I am having multiple sightings happening day or night even in separate locations. Each event taking place since my first report - I am seeing more orbs, ships and now beings which would be classified as unidentified areal phenomena.

These experiences have been taking place since May 18th, 2021. I have had previous experiences before both here in my current location of Salem, Oregon as well as Denver, Colorado.

I have witnessed what I would describe as orbs, spherical in shape exhibiting occasional flashing of light and flying about in every direction (N/W/E/S) individually or in pairs/groups. I have witnessed some type of invisible ship dropping 3 to 4 orange orbs (one at a time) and watching them fly off and disappear. I have only once seen an orange orb since then and multiple smaller white orbs were also present and appeared to acknowledge my sighting and attempts to capture on film/video.

On Saturday, May 29th, 2021 I was packing my vehicle for a trip to Garibaldi, Oregon located on the Pacific Coast near Tillamook, OR. While packing a being of some type (cloaked/somewhat visible) shimmering with sparkles of light within showed up – very close to me. It scared me and all I could think of was to say Wish me a Good/Safe Trip and waved it away (which seems very silly). The shocking part is that when I arrived in Garibaldi, I witnessed the same things there. I have NO IDEA if they followed me or were already present at that location very near the Pacific Ocean. I do understand that these orbs have been sighted off the coast of California near Catalina Island. I do not have knowledge if the sightings I had there may also be submergible.

While in Garibaldi, Oregon and witnessing small white orbs flying in every direction (N/S/W/E) I would see a very brief flashing of something black. Some of the white orbs flying around appeared along the mountain ridge just at the back of Garibaldi (Northern direction) and all other areas of the sky. Some of the beings (cloaked/somewhat visible) shimmering with sparkles of light would attempt to communicate almost the same as a blimp advertising numbers, wording and images to me. It seemed to change from numbers to images of human faces and other faces (possibly what I would describe as grey aliens). It was hard enough to believe these experiences were happening to me at separate locations day, or night, in all directions but now attempts to communicate.

The beings (cloaked/somewhat visible) were presenting themselves multiple times very, very close to me. It was frightening, nearly unbelievable and confusing. When I would attempt to film/video my experience that specific area would only appear as a blurry section within the sky. On Sunday May 30, 2021 I was standing on the street in Garibaldi speaking to my relative’s neighbor and happened to glance up in the N/E direction and see something black suddenly appear from nowhere in the sky at a low altitude and I screamed “What is That??” repeatedly running north to get a better view. I watched this black thing turn into what I would describe as a giant dragon fly or scorpion with no wings but having a long tail of some type. It almost appeared to resemble a helicopter, but they do not have tails that hang beneath them – and they make sound. This object seemed to fly down to the ground because I could no longer see it above the houses in that neighborhood. I was not alone this ! time. My relative’s neighbor, Virgil, was present but he could not see that well because of recent eye surgery. He thought it was a helicopter, but – it WAS NOT.

Sunday evening, my relative acknowledged that she too could see some flashing in the sky here/there but could not see these beings that sparkle. I packed my vehicle to leave Garibaldi, Oregon around 6am in route home in Salem, Oregon. As I approached the vehicle one of the beings was again directly above my vehicle. I was very frightened at night to stand there as I was imagining to be abducted. It was still dark and yelled for my relative to be present until I was in the vehicle and gone. I hoped/prayed I would not see anything during my 2-hour drive or have my vehicle suddenly stop working. The whole idea of what had been happening to me as a credible, truthful woman with no mental illness other than depression.

Every report I have made I have tried to be as descriptive as possible and use spell check and paragraphs but each time previously the site would change to a blob of writing (lengthy for you to read) according to your description. I hope this report will work correctly. I thank you for your time and consideration of having an investigator speak to me about these experiences.