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Occurred : 6/1/1993 21:00 (Entered as : 6/1/93 21:00)
Reported: 6/3/2021 4:36:22 PM 16:36
Posted: 7/31/2021
Location: Kingsport, TN
Shape: Sphere
Duration:10 minutes
Ball of light seen over Holston Army Ammunitions Plant. The UFO was provoked by my friend and I and chased us to my house.

I am a director of operations currently for a major trucking company and have been employed with them for 17 years. I am a 40 year old white male born in 1980. I currently reside in Chattanooga, TN and previously lived in Atlanta, GA, Memphis, TN, and Knoxville, TN (University of Tennessee, bachelors in Finance) after high school. Currently single and no children. I was born in Johnson City, TN, moved to Longview, TX for 10 years and then back to Kingsport, TN in the summer of 1991. My sighting occurred roughly in the summer of 1993 or 1994. I would prefer to leave the name of the friend who was with me that also witnessed this event out of this report. We lived in the same neighborhood, Ridgefields, and went to school together. I have not spoken to him since high school and not sure how comfortable he would even be talking about this. I am not aware of his status today. I felt given the nuclear facility connection in my sighting, it was important given the ! recent events in this area to make a report for at the very least a data point. I will be emailing a Google Earth overhead shot diagraming this entire event.

In the summer of 1993 or 1994, I am guessing June time frame, my friend and I walked from my house to the gas station down the road to get snacks. It was getting dark on the walk back home and I estimate the time to have been around 9 PM. As we entered the park near my home, we happened to look up into the sky and noticed an odd ball of light that seemed out of place. Initially, it looked like a planet in the sky, but slightly different with a shimmering around it with occasional red, blue, and green hues. It did not appear to be a star either. I am estimating roughly a mile for the altitude, but very difficult to judge. The direction and apparent altitude of this object would place it over the Holston Army Ammunitions Plant there in town at the base of Bays Mountain. This facility manufactures RDX and HMX used in nuclear detonation and other things as well as being a national defense stockpile. Being young kids, we started making jokes and “provoking” this thing calling it! a stupid UFO and saying things like “Hey, we’re down here!” and other things similar, including expletives. I estimate we yelled at it for a couple of minutes or so. To our absolute shock, suddenly this thing started to move. I watched it descend towards the top of Bays Mountain. I would estimate it had a high rate of speed in the 300-400 MPH range while traveling parallel to the top of the mountain towards our direction. It covered the length of the mountain in a few seconds, much faster than an aircraft would take to cover the same distance. It then descended straight down and out of sight as it appeared to have entered the woods/neighborhood. At this point, we didn’t know what else to do but run across the park as fast as we could, scale the red brick wall around my housing development in what felt like a single leap, and run into my house and upstairs into my room. We were kind of frantic once inside, nervous and excited, and trying to figure out what just happened whe! n suddenly the object flew right next to my bedroom window in ! between my house and the neighbor’s house. It was an orb shaped object about the size of a large yoga/exercise ball. The color was a solid white, very similar to that of a standard light bulb, with a slight glow around it. There were no other colored lights on it at this point. It had slowed down to a very low speed and appeared to have tracked us down and was investigating my friend and I for a brief couple of seconds. I immediately ran downstairs to run outside again to try to find it, but at that point it was gone. I didn’t see what direction it left in. The next morning a black helicopter flew over my house and hovered for a minute or in the same area the orb had been before leaving. I cannot directly connect that to this event, but given what happened the night before, I thought it was very strange and uncommon to have a helicopter in the neighborhood like that.