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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/12/2021 00:00 (Entered as : 06/12/2021 0:00)
Reported: 6/13/2021 11:48:26 PM 23:48
Posted: 7/31/2021
Location: Kuna, ID
Shape: Unknown
Duration:5 mins
Multiple lights chasing us on Poen road in Kuna, Idaho.

My brother and I were hunting for rabbits in Kuna Idaho and we’re driving back to Meridian Idaho where we live. We were going down Poen Road and I’m on my phone. My brother says “Look right look right what is that?” And I look and we see this blue light flashing very fast, almost like a strobe light. I continue to look at it and notice it isn’t going behind us, as if we were passing it. At that moment I realized the flashing light was off road in the desert to our right and traveling the same speed as us. He was going about 60mph but once I noticed it was traveling along us I told him to speed up. He started speeding up and the flashing light stopped and behind us two bright lights appeared and almost resembled headlights. There was something off about it and I knew they weren’t headlights, I rolled the window down and noticed the lights were not on the paved road we were on, but they were behind us and off to our right in the desert. I also noticed there wa! s no light being illuminated on to the ground like normal headlights. I told my brother to go as fast as he could and get us out there. My brother got up to 90 in his jeep and the lights were catching up to us from the desert. There’s no way it was a dune buggy or any other type of off-road vehicle traveling 90+ off road with tons of bushes and badger holes. We were in that desert previously with his jeep and our top speed was 20 off-road. We approached a downhill grade and this is how I knew they were coming after us. As we went down hill I looked out the window and waited for the lights to come over the hill and they did and they were getting closer. Eventually one of the lights separated from the other and 2 more lights appeared. My brother was coming up on a T intersection onto S Cloverdale road and if we went right it was eventually a dead end and so we went left, towards our house and residential areas. He made the left going 60 MPH and as he was turning there was ab! out 10 lights coming at us from the desert, that road stared g! etting i nto residential areas and the lights started backing off and going back into the desert. Once we got by houses we pulled over and could still see at least 10 lights out in the desert. Poen road is a rural road and has regular traffic during the day, but at night little to no traffic at all, we were the only car on the road and whatever those lights were definitely weren’t civilian. They were either government or not of this world. It scared me and my brother to the point where we don’t wanna go hunting out there at night anymore, and we have been out there 30+ times at night and nothing like that has ever happened. We went back the next day into the desert to check it out and it’s nothing but desert. About 5 miles from the road is Initial Point, Idaho. It’s a little mountain out in the desert and my brother believes that’s where the lights started coming from and racing towards us on Poen road. I’ve seen strange lights before In the sky, but never ever had lights chasing us ! down a road at 90+ speeds.