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Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/25/1991 22:00 (Entered as : 08/25/91 22:00)
Reported: 6/19/2021 6:29:58 PM 18:29
Posted: 7/31/2021
Location: Caladonia, NY
Shape: Unknown
Duration:3-5 minutes
UAP in Caledonia NY, summer of 1991

3 of us were sitting in a car in a corn field that my friends family owned. We drove up one of the rows the farm equipment would drive on so we wouldn’t get stuck. My friend parked the car on the crest of a hill where there was a beautiful view of the land and homes in the distance. It was dark outside, so we could see the stars in the sky. I remember there weren’t a lot of stars that night. I remember looking through the windshield as I was sitting in the middle of the back seat. I had a clear view of the sky in front of us. The windows of the car were all the way down as it was perfect temperature that night. You could hear the night time bugs and crickets. It was so quiet and peaceful out there. After being there for maybe ten minutes, I noticed a white light off in the distance. It was out in front of us and the light was slowly getting bigger. At first, because the light was moving, I thought it was an airplane. I lived a few miles away from the Greater! Rochester International Airport so I was quite familiar with seeing planes at night. One of the first things I noticed was that there were no blinking lights. No green, red, white, or otherwise colored blinking lights. From the distance, there were none to notice. My two friends in the front seats are now looking at this light, as well. We are all aware of it, and now, trying to figure out if it’s a plane or helicopter. As the light got bigger, there were still no blinking lights. It was not approaching at a speed that seemed like it WASN’T a plane or helicopter, so we still hadn’t dismissed it.

As the light got closer, yet, we noticed no sound. No motor sounds, jet sounds, hums... nothing. So now, we are looking at this bright white light coming towards us, slowly descending since we first noticed it. I’m going to guess the light got to be within a half a mile out in front of us in the sky. The rate of travel never increased or decreased as it was coming towards us. Just a slow, smooth, motion. Once it got to the distance of that rough half mile away, the light shut off. The craft came to a stop and hovered motionless for a minute. There was definitely something in the sky where the light came from but it was too dark to see the shape. It did not have a visible hard outline, but it was just darker than the night sky. Whatever it was, it was still there.

At the distance it’s at now, we still hear nothing. It’s now hovering motionless, with no lights. I have never seen anything flying with no sound, let alone hovering against the force of gravity. To my knowledge, in 1991 the world governments didn’t possess anything capable of doing what this is doing. The three of us are now whispering to one another. The mood got tense, as we could only ask each other, “what is that!?!?” We have all firmly agreed this is no airplane, or helicopter.

After floating motionless for a minute, a white light comes out from the bottom of the craft.

It points straight down to the ground. We could now see the light is on a road at the outer edge of the corn field. The light slowly moved down the road, as if it were looking for something. The craft wasn’t moving, only the light underneath it was. I remember looking out to the passenger side of the windshield to see the shape in the sky. The light had traveled down the road far enough to where I was looking out the driver side of the windshield when the light stopped moving. It had shined to an intersection in the road where there was a stop sign. The light stayed focused on the stop sign for about 10-15 seconds then shut off. After the light was off, the craft hovered silently for another minute. When we finally noticed movement, the craft was slowly turning as it floated. We noticed it was turning because as it was turning, two orange “orb” looking lights became visible. I can only describe them as what looked like two jet engines on the back of a military jet. The orbs ! were spaced apart what looked like maybe 10-20 feet? It was hard to judge exactly how far apart they were because of the darkness. We noticed one come to view, and as it’s slowly turning, then a second became visible. It’s now hovering with these two orange colored orbs we hadn’t seen as it was coming at us, originally. Still, no sounds. Hovering motionless in the same place for minutes.

After the slow 180 degree turn, as we are looking at the two orbs, the craft started to slowly move. It was moving up, and away from us, at the same time. Both vertical and horizontal movement, so somewhat diagonal. I was still looking out the passenger side of the windshield at it. It slowly went up to the right a short distance, then leaned, and slowly traveled left. Almost like it was in a wave pattern, traveling side to side, while it slowly went up. After doing the slow up to the right, then to the left, it went back to the right. At this point, something amazing happened. It went from this slow “wave pattern” of flight to a sudden straight line. The orange lights did not get any brighter as it went straight. They remained a constant bright orange glow. As it had made a wobble to the right and straightened out it’s path, it suddenly took off at a speed I’ve never seen anything move at. It looked like something from a Star Wars movie, when a ship like the millennium falc! on went into light speed. The craft sped off in a split second, up and out into space!! No sonic boom, and still no propulsion noises, whatsoever. It was really what gave all three of us the confidence to say this was not a man made, earth born, craft. It left us in awe. We questioned each other if we all just saw the same thing, to make sure we did. We all saw the same thing. It had all the signs of a UAP. To this day, I haven’t seen anything like it, and we have drones, silent craft, etc.

Nothing I’ve ever seen moving broke the laws of physics, until then.