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Occurred : 4/15/2009 11:00 (Entered as : 04/15/2009 11:00)
Reported: 6/21/2021 5:59:39 PM 17:59
Posted: 7/31/2021
Location: Zagreb (Croatia),
Shape: Oval
Duration:10 minutes
An oval-shaped black object (resembling a tick-tack) flew in unusual trajectory for 10 minutes in the clear sky over Zagreb

In April 2009 (I cannot remember the exact date), while I was a student in Zagreb, Croatia, a friend of mine from out of town came to visit me. The time was close to noon on a sunny and relatively clear day with some clouds. We were drinking coffee on the balcony of my apartment on the 9th floor of a residential building south-west of the city center while looking at the city skyline, when we noticed an oval-shaped object resembling a horizontal black tick-tack 'flying' over the city in the distance. It was fully black, no lights of any kind, with an unusual trajectory that didn't seem normal. It was fast, going across the whole city there and back a few times, sometimes in straight lines, sometimes zig-zaggy. We didn't hear any sound coming from it but we could see it the entire time since we were at a high altitude, although when the object was on the other side of the city it was so far it looked like a small black dot. The whole thing lasted for about te! n minutes, when the object suddenly (and much faster compared to its movements prior to this moment) pulled up in the sky until it resembled a small dot again and disappeared high in the clouds. My friend and I commented the unusual trajectory of the object and its speed and came to the conclusion that conventional aircrafts (or objects of any kind for that matter) don't do that. Since both he and I are sceptical people we discarded the alien theory although we were intrigued by what happened that we witnessed. We called the local meteorological institution to inquire if they noticed anything unusual in the sky above Zagreb and they said they didn't. Neither of us had a good phone back then that could take quality pictures or videos so we didn't even bother trying to record it. We didn't talk about this on too many occasions with people since then, although I remember this interesting event here and there, only to remind myself that I still don't know what it was that we sa! w on that day. Now that I have stumbled upon this website I de! cided to leave the description of the event I (we) witnessed. Have a good day.