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Occurred :
Reported: 6/23/2021 2:37:55 PM 14:37
Posted: 7/31/2021
Location: Rockville, MD
Shape: Other
intermittent blinking (.5 of a second) objects which move horizontally across the sky at a moderate/swift rate.

I am a practicing attorney in good standing in all jurisdictions where I am licensed. I am, admittedly, interested in the UAP phenomenon. Because of this, I recently purchased a gen 3 night-vision/thermal monocular w video recording capability. I live in the DC/metro area. I am familiar with the appearance of airplanes and helicopters in the sky. Despite light pollution, the monocular does permit me to get a decent view of stars, planets, and the moon. Given atmospheric effects, I am aware that stars can appear to twinkle, and even bounce, around in the sky at times. Again, I understand this perceived movement of stars is not actually occurring.

Since I have owned this night-vision device, I have recorded some interesting sights/sightings of objects in the late night/early morning sky that are not otherwise visible to the naked eye (please note that I am also not able to see any stars, satellites, or most planets without the night vision). Times of occurrences are btw 11pm-3am numerous weekday evenings. Usually, I witness intermittently (.5 of a second or faster apart/btw blinks) blinking objects which move horizontally across the sky at a moderate/swift (not particularly fast) pace. Sometimes they seem to completely disappear (and not reappear, like a star might). Other times, there have been two closely flying pairs of these lights similarly moving horizontally across they visible section of sky somewhat in tandem. There is no real rhyme or reason to when these lights will appear and/or disappear unlike the flow of airplane traffic to/from Dulles or BWI or National Airports. The objects do not have the blinking lights (green and red with white) that are characteristic of FAA type or military aircraft. I can't make out anything other than a blinking light - is the entire object the blinking light? Or is my camera not detecting the body of the craft? I don't know the answer. The distance appears to be a few miles out from my window at least (can't be sure). There is no discernable sound, but, again, I live in a noisey/congested area. I don’t get the impression that these are satellites. My understanding is that most? all? satellites do not blink or emit their own light source. I have tried to do some digging as to the movement of 'cell phone' reception satellites but I have not found much info. Maybe I am witnessing drones, but they do not appear to fly as I might imagine drones to fly. Also, the DC/metro airspace I live under is extremely restricted, so, at the least, they are not private individuals’ drones. In conclusion, I do save my recordings and am more than happy to meet and share these with whomever is interested. Thanks very much.