National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 06/1950
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
6/30/50 17:30 Florence (??) CO Disk 2-3 seconds Possible ufo in a western movie. (NUFORC Note: "Rio Grande," with John Wayne. Reported to NUFORC before. PD)) 1/21/08
6/30/50 17:30 Florence (??) CO Light .5 SEC The move classic Rio Grand , in the sean between John Wayne and Ohair where he gives her flowers UFO moves in from uper left to right b 1/21/08
6/30/50 16:00 Lac Du Flambeau WI Disk 30 seconds saucer like disc submerging from waters, disapears instantaneously, water boils before submerging. 3/19/09
6/30/50 08:00 Irving TX Circle
Plane with 1 or 2 round white balls flying around. 2/22/19
6/20/50 17:00 Galveston TX Sphere 5 to 10 minutes Large orange-red lowering "Moon" object 10/30/06
6/15/50 20:00 Bonifay (near) FL Disk 10 seconds The objects were discs, white, and I estimate were moving around 100 mph in a southerly direction. 1/12/12
6/15/50 20:00 Fort Worth TX Disk 4 minutes In 1958 witness 3 flying saucers from a distance of only 20 feet. 3/10/11
6/15/50 13:00 Grosse Pointe Park MI Oval 10 minutes 1951-52 Grosse Pointe, MI. Three saucer shaped objects entering into a large oval shapped object. 11/28/07
6/15/50 03:00 Sugar House UT Unknown Unknown I am 72 and this started when I was 5-6 and continued through different parts of my life with different events. I have put it off becau 7/3/15
6/10/50 Napa CA Disk 2 minutes Saw a circular craft approximately 30 foot in diameter. It was glowing a green/purple rather subdued. I did not like the color. It h 12/12/13
6/7/50 20:00 Kensington MD Oval 10 minutes Reflective oval seen hovering over Washington D.C. 11/28/07
6/1/50 16:00 Philadelphia MS Disk ten minutes or less Childhood sighting of disk witnessed by mother and sons. 6/12/08
6/1/50 Crowder MS Unknown
Large circular area of cotton plants appearing "scalded" which subsequently died leaving bare dirt. No evidence of infestation found. 1/21/08