National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 06/1952
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
6/30/52 21:00 Miami FL Disk 1 to 5 hours No one is able to believe 8/7/11
6/30/52 21:00 Miami FL Light
dislike for nuclear weapon testing 8/27/09
6/30/52 21:00 Miami FL Disk few hours I could not move at first. 6/4/14
6/30/52 18:30 Auburn WA Oval 1 minute Early nighttime sighting of huge oval object for 1 minute. 2/14/06
6/30/52 13:00 New York City (Bronx) NY Disk 1 minute We were flying kites on the roof when someone yelled look at that.A disk was(approx.the size of a dime at arms length) was sitting in t 1/12/12
6/30/52 13:00 Patchogue NY Disk 10 minutes Large gold saucer seen over water tower in 1950s. ((anonymous report)) 2/7/19
6/30/52 09:00 Miami FL Light Unknown Frozen stiff by light watching me 500 Lights On Object0: Yes 2/24/07
6/30/52 06:00 Barksdale AFB (Shreveport) LA

In 1952 I was stationed at Barksdale AFB in Shreveport La. about 6 AM this cigar shaped UFO, about 100 yds long, approached about 800 10/30/06
6/30/52 03:00 Pecos TX Disk 1-2hrs West Texas to Carlsbad NM 3/19/09
6/30/52 Cheyenne WY Disk
1950's UFO crash tech report 7/4/12
6/22/52 17:45 Chester PA Oval 5 min. My parents & I & my brother were walking to a resturant & we saw 4 flying objects flying in formation. My father called out to two wom 3/17/04
6/21/52 22:00 Lansing (few miles northwest of, in the country) MI Other sew seconds It was like a star that moved, it was 1952 before there was any space traffic or objects and was not an aircraft. 1/17/04
6/15/52 23:00 Maywood CA Circle 3-5 minutes 7 balls of *orange moon* lights in 2 V formations observed for 3 to 5 minutes until all sped off in 7 differen directions 6/9/09
6/15/52 21:00 Jacksonville FL Triangle 30 seconds extremely fast triangle shape object with one light on rear comes to a sudden stop, then seems to shoot out of sight 9/13/02
6/15/52 Timmins (Canada) ON Disk hours 1952 disks and missing time 10/31/03
6/15/52 Piedra Blanka (Los Padres National Forest) CA Cigar 10Minutes I was camping with my school at Piedra Blanka in Los Padres National Forest. We all slept in sleeping bags jus out under the stars. No 1/11/02
6/15/52 Luke Airforce Base AZ Egg 15 min This was in the summer of 1951 or 1952, not sure, went to Litchfield Park, Arizona every summer to visit a girl friend, and we went to 4/27/04
6/13/52 07:30 Fortville (2-3 mi. N. of, State Road 13) IN Disk 18-20 sec. 3 saucer-shaped objects flying fast (with wobbling motion) from N. to S. at a medium-high altitude--no sound, no trails, only silence. 11/8/03
6/12/52 11:30 Crescent City CA Triangle 25 I looked up over the ocean at 11:30am 1952, Crescent City, California, I seen 3 triangle objects that came from the West, they were abo 8/2/16
6/10/52 12:00 Chicago (south suburb) IL Circle 10 minutes My sighting of two objects in Chicago, IL as a pre-teen in the early 50's 5/15/06
6/6/52 13:00 Evergreen CO Disk 5hrs Childhood abduction and mental and visual encounters through out life. 6/4/04
6/1/52 22:00 Norfolk/Newport News (aboard ferry boat between) VA Fireball 10 seconds Best recall as a SUnday night. From east side of ferry boat spotted string of brilliant red balls that apeared to be diving into the s 2/16/00
6/1/52 12:00 Linlithgow (West Lothian) (UK/Scotland)
Circle 2 mins. It was about my lunch time i looked up to see the town clock as i passed almost dircetly overhead i observed a flying disk, circular, s 12/2/00
6/1/52 11:00 Dousman WI
10 seconds Silver monkeys that were about 3-4 feet tall. 3/31/08