National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 04/1953
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
4/30/53 16:00 Jamison PA Cigar several minutes In the spring of 1953 my mother & I saw an IMMENSE silent grey metallic cigar shaped object moving from Doylestown toward Jamison. 12/23/02
4/15/53 16:00 Midwest City OK Fireball 15 min Ball of yellow light with dancing spikes of light, around the circumference-one of the spikes reached out to me. 4/27/04
4/15/53 12:00 Los Angeles CA Fireball 5 seconds Green fireball traveling north at a low altitude over Los Angeles 12/14/04
4/10/53 13:00 Chariton IA Other 10 min " Flying Wing Before It's Time " 6/4/04
4/1/53 18:00 Cambridge MA Sphere 3 minutes Two red-orange lights skirted Boston rooftops in opposite directions, then went over my dormitory in tandem. 7/14/13
4/1/53 15:00 Haverhill MA Chevron seconds Historical account, Haverhill MA 9/2/05