National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 07/1959
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
7/22/59 14:30 Allendale KY Light 5 minutes 07/22/1958 Allendale Ky Light in the sky moving very fast lasting 5 min. posted 10/02/05 10/11/05
7/20/59 21:30 Fort Lauderdale FL Light 2-3 minutes Two lights like strs converging upwad becoming "one". 8/5/01
7/19/59 01:00 Salem OH Disk hour 1959 Saucers-huge- pattern of four shifting high in Ohio skies-white-yellow perfectly formed-moving very fast 4/16/05
7/16/59 18:00 Worcester MA Other 3 minutes strange object sighted over worcester,ma july 1959...and in long island.ny on same day 6/4/04
7/15/59 23:00 New Albany IN Cigar 5 minutes Cigar shaped object hovered in the sky 6/23/04
7/15/59 12:00 Nort Sutton (resort area near) NH Unknown 15 seconds North Sutton, New hampshire July 15, 1959 Small cloud with blinking light in clear sky. In view for 15 seconds. 3/19/09
7/15/59 Alor Islands (Indonesia)
This incident was happened in July 1959, in Alor Islands area which located at northern of Nusa Tenggara Timur province in Indonesia. A 8/7/07
7/7/59 23:00 Long Beach CA Light 45 seconds As a young man, I would lay out in the yard at night and look at the sky--I often saw an object moving at night speed, very high, no no 4/26/00
7/4/59 20:00 Gardner Lake (Extreme northeastern US) ME Oval 15 min. Craft desending ,from high rate of speed to a very slow speed, traveling across Gardner Lake - Landeed on east side of lake 9/12/99
7/1/59 20:00 Castle Rock WA Cigar 30 seconds Large, cigar-shaped aircraft with evenly spaced windows drifted silently over the tree tops at night. 4/27/07
7/1/59 01:00 Strathmore CA Disk 4 minutes the gathering of static electricity from atmosphere by ufo alien or USA craft possible unmaned 2/1/07