National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 07/1965
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
7/31/65 22:00 Pell Lake WI Egg 5-6 minutes Four egg-shaped aerial objects were observed in the sky on the evening of July 31, 1965 in Pell Lake, Wisconsin 6/12/07
7/30/65 23:00 Old Lyme CT Oval 4-5 hrs Oval UFO hovers over neighborhood for several hours 1/10/09
7/27/65 12:30 Norwalk OH Light 25min In late July,1965, my sister age 15 and myself age 18 were sitting on the front porch of our home. I was waiting for my boyfriend to s 4/27/04
7/25/65 20:00 Concord CA Unknown at least an hour Many miles up in the sky;zigzagged;sharp - immediate change of direction; very fast. 10/12/01
7/24/65 13:00 Highland MI Sphere 2 minutes Craft was large enough to see with the naked eye 7/4/12
7/20/65 23:45 Portland OR Disk 20 minutes A football sized glowing orange saucer shaped object , hovering completely still over head, disappears into the horizon in a flash. 11/21/10
7/20/65 20:30 Santa Ana CA Circle 5 Mins. While driving through the intersection of 17'th St. & Prospect Ave., in the Santa Ana/No. Tustin area just before dusk on a Summer even 1/28/99
7/20/65 19:00 Harrisburg PA Oval 10 sec I'm not sure of the exact date. 11/28/07
7/20/65 03:00 Pulaski VA Fireball 5 seconds Could'nt believe it ! 5/11/05
7/15/65 22:00 Pittsfield/Adams MA Disk Several Occasions UFO Spotted on Mt. Greylock in 1960's. Saucer and some kind of a seperate long white light. 6/18/03
7/15/65 22:00 Aurora OH Sphere 2 minutes It was late, arond 10 or 11 pm, us guys were near a swamp at the rear of Aurora Lake looked up saw a Red Glowing Orb hovering 15 to 20 1/28/99
7/15/65 22:00 Mansfield OH Disk 15min The night Duke the dog died 6/18/04
7/15/65 21:00 Whitesburg KY Light 45 min Lights and sounds on the ground and several strange lights in a cluster 3/21/03
7/15/65 21:00 Ogden UT Circle 4-5 hours Circular object following aircraft then landing on mountain top. 12/14/17
7/15/65 18:00 Stoughton WI Light 3-4 minutes A very bright white light, the size of a small house. It "shot" 3 bursts of light at our car, hitting it with loud booms but no feelin 11/2/04
7/15/65 18:00 Hornick IA Fireball 1/2 min. Bright orange/red fireball crosses sky in western Iowa in summer of 1965. 4/27/04
7/15/65 16:00 Nyona Lake IN Cigar 30 minutes Cigar shaped object. 25,000 to 40,000 ft. high. Color silvery and at times white. Summer 1964, 0r 1965. UPI reported it was seen in 8 o 3/7/98
7/15/65 15:00 Westbury NY Egg 1 minute Object travelled silently around 60(?) MPH.At arms length about fist size-Multi colored and "evaporated". 1/31/04
7/15/65 14:00 San Gabriel TX Oval 30 minutes High in the daylight sky, a stationary oval object with a white light surounded by four colored lights 9/9/04
7/15/65 14:00 Sistersville WV Fireball 20 minutes circular ball of fire, dripping flames but not consumed. 12/12/11
7/15/65 06:30 Jackson MI Rectangle minutes glowing white light moving slowly at waist hight 4/14/09
7/15/65 03:30 Cambridge (Canada) ON Circle 20-30 min As large as the harvest moon on the ground,and the same colour 9/17/03
7/15/65 00:30 Tehachapi CA Triangle 20 sec Large delta shape craft passed overhead blocking out the view of stars behind its shape. No sound. 9/28/03
7/12/65 18:30 Los Angeles CA Cigar 15 Seconds 7/12/65 Santa Monica, California Cigar shaped, glowing red/orange in front, blue back half 15 seconds 6/12/08
7/12/65 02:15 Fayetteville NC Circle 15 minutes Right around 215 in the morning a green orb came in my bedroom and hovered for about 10mins to 15min. Ive been haunted by this for all 3/18/14
7/10/65 20:00 San Fernando CA Other 1 hour The shape of the object looked- like a parachutte ( glowing ) moving very slowly across the sky - form my observations it looked like 7/4/12
7/7/65 22:30 Oak Park IL Unknown 10 minutes After hovering motionless for hours, a mysterious arial light performs aerodynamically impossible maneuvers. 7/23/03
7/7/65 21:00 Hudson MA Light 30-45min Sighting of many craft by multiple witnesses on multiple nights, a demonstration. 3/10/11
7/6/65 23:00 Waterford MI Changing 5 seconds A "shooting star "did an impossible back and forth zigzag pattern 9/15/05
7/6/65 00:00 Winnemucca/Lovelock (between, on Hwy. 95) NV Light 45min. lights moving back and forth over the mountain, thien came down on road in front of the car,stayed infront ofcar fora few seconds then 11/2/99
7/4/65 20:00 Hains Falls (Catskill Mts.) NY Light 2.00 colored lights in sky dancing for a few mins. 12/16/05
7/4/65 19:00 Panama City Beach FL Fireball 3 hours One light over ocean became brighter as time passed. One object became 2, 2 became 4, etc. Then one would flash out and disappear, but 1/28/99
7/2/65 22:30 Narragansett RI Egg 15 sec. Golden egg chased by navy fighters. THe egg got away. 1965 New England 4/27/04
7/1/65 22:00 New Orleans LA Unknown 60 seconds Spec of light in sky changes course around another spec of light. 6/12/08
7/1/65 21:00 Moberly MO Light 10-15 minutes Bright light crossing the sky, circles the full moon, and crosses back across the sky. 3/18/14
7/1/65 20:00 Mexicali, baja california (Mexico)
Circle 1 minute approx UFO over Mexicali, Mexico - 1960's 8/5/01
7/1/65 17:00 Mt. Vernon IL Disk 5-10 minutes a late summer afternoon in a suburban neighborhood on a very clear day, with a moderate breeze blowing from the west. I looked up to w 4/27/04
7/1/65 12:00 Ringwood NJ Disk 30 sec Daylight sighting of silent hovering disc over Wanaque reservoir 4/16/05