National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 07/1965
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
7/31/65 22:00 Pell Lake WI Egg 5-6 minutes Four egg-shaped aerial objects were observed in the sky on the evening of July 31, 1965 in Pell Lake, Wisconsin 6/12/07
7/30/65 23:00 Old Lyme CT Oval 4-5 hrs Oval UFO hovers over neighborhood for several hours 1/10/09
7/24/65 13:00 Highland MI Sphere 2 minutes Craft was large enough to see with the naked eye 7/4/12
7/20/65 23:45 Portland OR Disk 20 minutes A football sized glowing orange saucer shaped object , hovering completely still over head, disappears into the horizon in a flash. 11/21/10
7/20/65 19:00 Harrisburg PA Oval 10 sec I'm not sure of the exact date. 11/28/07
7/15/65 21:00 Ogden UT Circle 4-5 hours Circular object following aircraft then landing on mountain top. 12/14/17
7/15/65 14:00 Sistersville WV Fireball 20 minutes circular ball of fire, dripping flames but not consumed. 12/12/11
7/15/65 06:30 Jackson MI Rectangle minutes glowing white light moving slowly at waist hight 4/14/09
7/12/65 18:30 Los Angeles CA Cigar 15 Seconds 7/12/65 Santa Monica, California Cigar shaped, glowing red/orange in front, blue back half 15 seconds 6/12/08
7/12/65 02:15 Fayetteville NC Circle 15 minutes Right around 215 in the morning a green orb came in my bedroom and hovered for about 10mins to 15min. Ive been haunted by this for all 3/18/14
7/10/65 20:00 San Fernando CA Other 1 hour The shape of the object looked- like a parachutte ( glowing ) moving very slowly across the sky - form my observations it looked like 7/4/12
7/7/65 21:00 Hudson MA Light 30-45min Sighting of many craft by multiple witnesses on multiple nights, a demonstration. 3/10/11
7/1/65 22:00 New Orleans LA Unknown 60 seconds Spec of light in sky changes course around another spec of light. 6/12/08
7/1/65 21:00 Moberly MO Light 10-15 minutes Bright light crossing the sky, circles the full moon, and crosses back across the sky. 3/18/14