National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 05/1966
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
5/26/66 23:00 Fort Lee VA Light 5-10 Minutes Light Over Fort Lee, Virginia, 1966 11/21/10
5/24/66 21:45 Hayward WI Disk 20 minutes Hayward, Wisconsin UFO Sighting in 1966. 10/12/18
5/20/66 01:00 Holly MI Light Thirty seconds-one minute No visible craft, very early morning, outside, bright white illumination. 9/19/02
5/19/66 20:00 Lexington KY Other one hour The Day I Realized We Are Not Alone: My First Sighting Of A Space Vehicle 1/3/01
5/15/66 22:00 Mentone AL Egg 10 seconds Both objects skirted the top of the ridge, keeping equi-distant with each other; traveling very fast. 7/25/04
5/15/66 22:00
AZ Disk 10 minutes Driving late at night in the middle of the desert, I stopped and watched a spaceship hovering close enough to see windows circling it 7/4/12
5/15/66 17:00 Nanakuli HI Disk 5-6 MINS Flying saucers hovering above our house... I'll remember for the rest of my life! 6/12/08
5/15/66 Gering NE Unknown
5/11/66 19:30 East Liverpool OH Triangle 10 minutes silver triangle seen early evening by school choir 5/27/03
5/10/66 Tulsa OK Rectangle 10 min V shape object moving in a V shape. 6/18/04
5/5/66 17:00 Beltsville MD Sphere 2minutes Green sphere speeding across the sky in 1960's 4/16/05
5/4/66 22:30 Southampton (UK/England)
Triangle 2 mins Huge triangular craft with with hundreds of star like lights in sets of 3 covering under side. 10/30/06
5/4/66 20:00 Lambertville MI Sphere ~2 hours Spherical UFO witnessed in the 1960's which was ON THE GROUND. 5/13/15
5/1/66 00:00 Kent WA Sphere 20 minutes Boeing testing a flying saucer 5/11/05
5/1/66 17:00 Michigan City IN Rectangle 20 minutes Rectangular ufo, extremely large, dark red, metal shapes visible, no noise, seen on a clear sunny day. 12/12/09
5/1/66 03:00 Omaha NE Cigar unkwown exact duration Possible abduction level 3 encounter 2/14/08