National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 06/1966
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
6/30/66 23:00 LapuLapu (Philippines)
Secret Memory of UFO Encounter as a Child in Philippines.. 3/21/19
6/30/66 23:00 Weare NH Oval 1 hour As we watched the lights rise we realized that the stars beyond had blacked out and you could make out a large oval 200’ – 50’ shape 8/31/18
6/30/66 23:00 Winston-Salem NC Other 20 minutes Football shaped objects with lights hoovers in neighborhood and streaks of with great bursts of speed and returns. 10/10/11
6/30/66 23:00 Auburn CA Other 5 minutes Craft was low to the ground, and stopped at witnesses. 8/30/13
6/30/66 22:30 Santa Fe NM Disk 5 minutes three eyewitness's and picture in news paper of ufo 1/31/11
6/30/66 21:00 Spartanburg SC Light 15 min Summer of 1966 - bright orange round object first thought to be rising full moon 6/2/98
6/30/66 21:00 Peoria IL Cigar Brief (?) Cigar shaped object with windows in it 10/12/01
6/30/66 21:00 Blocksburg CA Disk 10 min ? 3/19/09
6/30/66 17:00 Wayne PA Cigar Half-minute or less Rocket-like UFO Seen Flying Over Suburban Philadelphia In Summer of 1966 4/16/05
6/30/66 16:00 Corning CA Disk 5 minutes 2 small (2 ft) & 1 large saucers seen at close range by multiple witnesses, Northern CA about 1966 2/1/07
6/30/66 15:00 Jonesboro AR Disk minutes Clear day, a disk shape with rotating multi colored lights, silently hovering over trees in the back yard. 3/18/14
6/30/66 15:00 Portage La Prairie (Canada) MB Disk About 10 minutes I was a non-believer in UFOs. However, after being a witness to a sighting, count me as a believer! 4/16/05
6/30/66 14:00 Montague CA Other 5-10 minutes Fast moving star object over Montague, CA. 1/10/14
6/30/66 14:00 Lake Cushman WA Other Very Brief UFO dives into lake and exits in matter of moments. 4/26/00
6/30/66 10:00 Washington IN Circle 30 seconds Small spinning circular shaped object passes between houses but doesn't come down. 6/9/09
6/30/66 05:00 New York City (Bronx) NY Circle 5-10 seconds Orb or throgsneck bridge. 1/30/14
6/30/66 01:00 Mendota CA Disk 5 minutes or more Disc shaped in 1966. Stopped my parents' car. 12/12/11
6/30/66 01:00 Germany (enroute to France)
Light 30 seconds While on leave in the US Army we rented a car and was in route to Paris; enroute, we witnessed a "meteor" descent, then ascend. 5/12/09
6/30/66 00:01 New Mexico NM Disk 15 minutes followed for about 15 minutes by saucer like object which disappeared at low level across desert in New Mexico in 1966. 2/14/06
6/30/66 00:00 Manor PA Oval 5 seconds Bright light drifts past window and lights up whole room. 4/18/12
6/30/66 Viet Nam
Circle 8 min Object was seen less than 300 feet from the ground it was in our free fire zone I was armed with a M60 michine gun I made no attempt to 3/13/12
6/25/66 21:30 Rapid City (Ellsworth AFB) SD Disk several hours UFOs visited our Minuteman ICBMS during the summer of 1966 and I was there. 4/27/04
6/25/66 15:00 Philadelphia PA Cigar 5 minutes Brilliantly Lit Cigar Shaped Vessel 40 feet long - Hovered over roofs - looked like surface of The Sun 11/21/14
6/21/66 21:45 Little Axe OK Light 5 minutes Extreme level flight, instant stop,hover, rapid disappearence 8/5/12
6/20/66 21:00 Huntington IN Disk 10 minutes Saucer shaped object 12/23/02
6/20/66 17:00 Greenhills OH Disk 10 minutes I stood under a flying saucer spotted in daylight at 40 foot distance... WILD!!! 8/12/08
6/19/66 21:00 Houston TX Light 30 minutes What I experenced at age 4 and the, at 14 years old. 7/25/19
6/18/66 21:30 Newington CT Triangle 4-5 minutes Sighting of UFO near the Connecticut Light & Power Bldg., Newington, CT 3/13/12
6/18/66 11:00 Duluth MN Disk 15 min Intell at Winnepeg disembark and debreif all passangers from a NW 727 after a close encounter over Lake Superior. 8/1/03
6/15/66 21:00 Edmonton (Canada) AB Light 10 minutes Observation in late evening of UFO performing rapid manuvers over city for 10 minutes 4/16/05
6/15/66 21:00 Samois sur Seine (France)
Light one minute Unknown light travels fast and takes impossible 90 degree turn. 3/2/04
6/15/66 21:00 Whiteman AFB MO Disk 2 hours military sighting of saucer like object in Missouri 8/5/01
6/15/66 21:00 Toutle River (Mt Rainier) WA Unknown 5-10 min. Brillant light engulfs Mt Rainier Campsite (1966-67) 2/24/01
6/15/66 21:00 Bellevue IA Disk summer This is the first time I have reproted this occurrance. I was between 10-12 (have have to go back to where my bed was placed in my bedr 11/20/01
6/15/66 21:00 Burlington (Canada) ON Circle 10 seconds June 1966 while looking up into the night sky around 9PM saw a green craft with red corners. Bright lights were seen on the bottom of 9/2/05
6/15/66 19:00 Glendale AZ Circle short Since my father's station at Luke A.F.B. ~1965-1967, I have often wondered about my unexplainable experience one evening while walking 7/16/03
6/15/66 19:00 McClellandtown PA Disk 2-3 hrs Was driving home on route 21 heading west. Craft flew over the 4 of us in our truck. Landed in a field to our right. We stopped, got 1/28/99
6/15/66 19:00 Cincinnati OH Disk 10 min? Saucer shaped object over Crosley field 5/13/03
6/15/66 17:00 Monterey Bay/Fort Ord Rifle Range CA Disk 25 minutes Just before sun down (sun still shinning) hovering over the bay it was metallic in color,very shiney. It later moved slowly over the r 11/1/98
6/15/66 16:00 Oakdale PA Disk 10 minutes? Mesmerizing daylight, close encounter at Oakdale,PA Army base in summer of 1966, witnessed by at least 100 guys. 3/21/03
6/15/66 15:00 Reading PA Sphere 20 seconds huge molten sphere with liquid surface blending colors. Moving approx. 120 mph south to north. maybe 5000 feet. seen by six people 3/19/09
6/15/66 12:00 Salem OR Oval 25 min The pay off could be big for a little research. 2/25/03
6/15/66 11:00 Roseburg OR Other about an hour i saw YHVH and afterwards there apopeared a ufo in the following week that took me from a tent and tatooed me, project blue book there. 10/30/06
6/15/66 05:00 Columbus OH Circle 2 minutes Directly overhead, stationary. Reddish-orange slowly pulsating light then moved south very rapidly. 5/2/14
6/15/66 04:00 Stoughton WI Sphere one hour Our family abducted by aliens near Stoughton, Wisconsin in Summer of 1966 5/13/12
6/15/66 03:00 Viet Nam (at sea; off coast of)
Flash several hours Unseen craft overhead blasts North Vietnam Junks, saving numerous American lives. 6/4/14
6/15/66 Caversham (Reading) (UK/England)
Disk 15mins spinning disc present in back garden grass area, close to house. 8/16/02
6/15/66 Baltimore MD Oval 15-20 min UFO-approx 1965-67 Bowleys Quarters MD, Silent flat oval shaped, glowing softly, colored sphere. 6/12/07
6/12/66 21:00 Mexia TX Oval
10 yrs Visits 12/16/05
6/12/66 20:00 Vermontville MI Oval seconds These are real 10/20/05
6/12/66 01:30 Playa del Rey CA Light 5 min. Single Light UFO moving over Los Angeles, Accelerated at unbelievably fast speed and dissapeared over the Horizon. 8/24/10
6/11/66 13:00 Ypsilanti MI Disk 3 minutes Hide and Seek with UFO 6/12/08
6/10/66 21:30 Hickory NC Disk 5 minutes Bright Light in distance over mountains moves in very quickly, then moves slowly over suburban commercial district (Kmart). 8/5/01
6/10/66 21:00 Hickory NC Disk 30MINUTES DISK SHAPED CRAFT IN SKY 2/23/00
6/6/66 13:00 Qui-Nhon (Viet Nam)
6/6/66 12:00 Sonoma (near) CA Cigar 1-2 hours Cigar shaped object hovered over Central California mountains. 6/4/14
6/6/66 12:00 Sonoma CA Cigar 3 hours Long Cigar Shaped object keeps up with my bus for over two hours. 6/4/14
6/1/66 23:00 Billings MT Light 3 to 4 min Bright white object over Billings, MT 5/13/12
6/1/66 22:00 Conshohocken PA Disk 10 minutes Gun metal grey disk shaped craft seen at 50-60 ft. above the ground 6/20/05
6/1/66 22:00 Three Rivers (Canada) NB Cigar 20 min cigar like object very large 300+ft 300 ft off ground remote location crossing valley along t.c. newbrunswick canada 2/14/06
6/1/66 21:00 Oil City (near) PA Sphere 30 minutes 3 spheres, 3 colors, doing figure eight in sky. Stoped car race. everyone saw, no one remembers ? Has anyone else seen this ? 4/18/12
6/1/66 21:00 Vietnam
Circle 5-10 minutes Round no LIGHTS black 500ft or less 5mph no sound stealth ((male name deleted)) could have fired but didn't. reported to exec. 4/7/17
6/1/66 20:00 Athens (Greece)
Light 10 minutes Three points of light, flying formation, demonstrating control of inertia and momentum. 6/6/00
6/1/66 19:30 District Heights MD Disk 3 to 5 minutes Observed UFO Sighting which stopped my moving vehicle on a lonely, tree lined road. 7/5/08
6/1/66 19:00 Dearborn Heights MI Disk ? UFO landed in Hines Park in Dearborn Heights, Michigan in 1966 2/14/08
6/1/66 17:50 Pleasantville NY Disk 1 hour Never revealed this before. Grounds-- GPL General Percision Labratory. I belive previously it was the Tommy Mansville estate. I believe 8/5/09
6/1/66 17:30 Grandview MO Triangle 15 min Depressed for 40 years from this happening… 4/13/10
6/1/66 17:00 Cambridge OH Disk 18:00 We saw dark disc shaped objects emerge from the bottom of a "ligher than the evening sky" oblong light, fly around and reenter. 8/12/08
6/1/66 16:32 Miramar NAS CA Disk
I saw this when I was in the navy and was afraid to talk about it for years. Isaw it in the middle of the night as it lifted up off wha 4/2/99
6/1/66 15:00 Odessa TX Other 10 seconds Silvery, football-shaped object rotates then accelerates upward until out of sight. 8/5/01
6/1/66 15:00 Coyanosa TX Disk 10 minutes Summer 1966 (or 1968): Small saucer seen by 3 youth to land and take off in dry creek bed near Coyanosa, Texas. 8/5/01
6/1/66 14:00 Betteravia CA Other 30 seconds Playing kickball, I was on home base and looked up to see a UFO that looked like a fireball in the shape of a cigar directly over me. 4/28/01
6/1/66 13:00 Glenvil NE
15 minutes We didn't see anything , but what we heard has never made sense to me. 7/25/04
6/1/66 13:00 Carson City MI Disk 5 minutes My cousin & I were both 7 and we were behind our grandmother's when we noticed a silver, smooth, shimering disc about 20" wide and 10" 3/7/98
6/1/66 12:00 Chicago IL Disk 5 minutes It hovered straight across from me. 11/16/02
6/1/66 12:00 Bellingham WA Disk 45 sec. When I saw the object it was not moveing, then it went stright down and stoped, then it went up at 45 degree angal to the left and sto 10/30/06
6/1/66 12:00 Punxsutawney PA Unknown months What I’m describing took place in the mid 1960’s or a little after that. These are the events that I remember, as time may have clouded 4/12/13
6/1/66 12:00 Tokishi Shima Island (Japan)
Circle 30 minutes Support for the war in V.N.. Saw 5 disks from a distance of 25 miles. ((NUFORC Note: Radar operator report. PD)) 1/19/17
6/1/66 09:00 Old Washoe City NV Disk 20 seconds First, I would like to point out that this is a very old sighting that probably cannot possibly be confirmed. I am only hoping that so 8/12/08
6/1/66 08:00 Gainesville MO Disk aprx3-4 min. I saw a hovering, silent craft over my home that no one else mentioned, even though they were there! 9/2/05
6/1/66 04:00 Lynn Valley (North Vancouver) (Canada) BC Other 10 min + Early morning UFO sighting as UFO landed in a cul-de-sac. down the street, directly in sight of my bedroom window. 12/2/00
6/1/66 02:00 New Rochelle NY Light ? Child, 2-4 yrs old, late night/ early a.m., bright lite , horrific beings , screaming into pillow , nobody else of 4 hears. 12/23/02
6/1/66 01:00 Washington IN Unknown 10 minutes Back look like fire front look dark in color. 2/19/16
6/1/66 International Falls MN Disk 20 min. 2-UFO's wake three/eight yr. old children at different addresses and took control of our minds, emotions, heart and soul! 11/21/10