National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 06/1966
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
6/30/66 23:00 Winston-Salem NC Other 20 minutes Football shaped objects with lights hoovers in neighborhood and streaks of with great bursts of speed and returns. 10/10/11
6/30/66 23:00 LapuLapu (Philippines)
Secret Memory of UFO Encounter as a Child in Philippines.. 3/21/19
6/30/66 23:00 Weare NH Oval 1 hour As we watched the lights rise we realized that the stars beyond had blacked out and you could make out a large oval 200’ – 50’ shape 8/31/18
6/30/66 23:00 Auburn CA Other 5 minutes Craft was low to the ground, and stopped at witnesses. 8/30/13
6/30/66 23:00 Seattle WA Rectangle 5 minutes I saw a monolithic "L"-shaped stone looking object in low orbit with my low powered scope one night in 1966. 1/7/15
6/30/66 22:30 Santa Fe NM Disk 5 minutes three eyewitness's and picture in news paper of ufo 1/31/11
6/30/66 21:00 Blocksburg CA Disk 10 min ? 3/19/09
6/30/66 16:00 Corning CA Disk 5 minutes 2 small (2 ft) & 1 large saucers seen at close range by multiple witnesses, Northern CA about 1966 2/1/07
6/30/66 15:00 Jonesboro AR Disk minutes Clear day, a disk shape with rotating multi colored lights, silently hovering over trees in the back yard. 3/18/14
6/30/66 14:00 Montague CA Other 5-10 minutes Fast moving star object over Montague, CA. 1/10/14
6/30/66 10:00 Washington IN Circle 30 seconds Small spinning circular shaped object passes between houses but doesn't come down. 6/9/09
6/30/66 05:00 New York City (Bronx) NY Circle 5-10 seconds Orb or throgsneck bridge. 1/30/14
6/30/66 01:00 Mendota CA Disk 5 minutes or more Disc shaped in 1966. Stopped my parents' car. 12/12/11
6/30/66 01:00 Germany (enroute to France)
Light 30 seconds While on leave in the US Army we rented a car and was in route to Paris; enroute, we witnessed a "meteor" descent, then ascend. 5/12/09
6/30/66 00:00 Manor PA Oval 5 seconds Bright light drifts past window and lights up whole room. 4/18/12
6/30/66 Viet Nam
Circle 8 min Object was seen less than 300 feet from the ground it was in our free fire zone I was armed with a M60 michine gun I made no attempt to 3/13/12
6/25/66 15:00 Philadelphia PA Cigar 5 minutes Brilliantly Lit Cigar Shaped Vessel 40 feet long - Hovered over roofs - looked like surface of The Sun 11/21/14
6/21/66 21:45 Little Axe OK Light 5 minutes Extreme level flight, instant stop,hover, rapid disappearence 8/5/12
6/20/66 17:00 Greenhills OH Disk 10 minutes I stood under a flying saucer spotted in daylight at 40 foot distance... WILD!!! 8/12/08
6/19/66 21:00 Houston TX Light 30 minutes What I experenced at age 4 and the, at 14 years old. 7/25/19
6/18/66 21:30 Newington CT Triangle 4-5 minutes Sighting of UFO near the Connecticut Light & Power Bldg., Newington, CT 3/13/12
6/15/66 15:00 Reading PA Sphere 20 seconds huge molten sphere with liquid surface blending colors. Moving approx. 120 mph south to north. maybe 5000 feet. seen by six people 3/19/09
6/15/66 11:00 Roseburg OR Other about an hour i saw YHVH and afterwards there apopeared a ufo in the following week that took me from a tent and tatooed me, project blue book there. 10/30/06
6/15/66 05:00 Columbus OH Circle 2 minutes Directly overhead, stationary. Reddish-orange slowly pulsating light then moved south very rapidly. 5/2/14
6/15/66 04:00 Stoughton WI Sphere one hour Our family abducted by aliens near Stoughton, Wisconsin in Summer of 1966 5/13/12
6/15/66 03:00 Viet Nam (at sea; off coast of)
Flash several hours Unseen craft overhead blasts North Vietnam Junks, saving numerous American lives. 6/4/14
6/15/66 Baltimore MD Oval 15-20 min UFO-approx 1965-67 Bowleys Quarters MD, Silent flat oval shaped, glowing softly, colored sphere. 6/12/07
6/12/66 01:30 Playa del Rey CA Light 5 min. Single Light UFO moving over Los Angeles, Accelerated at unbelievably fast speed and dissapeared over the Horizon. 8/24/10
6/11/66 13:00 Ypsilanti MI Disk 3 minutes Hide and Seek with UFO 6/12/08
6/6/66 12:00 Sonoma CA Cigar 3 hours Long Cigar Shaped object keeps up with my bus for over two hours. 6/4/14
6/6/66 12:00 Sonoma (near) CA Cigar 1-2 hours Cigar shaped object hovered over Central California mountains. 6/4/14
6/1/66 23:00 Billings MT Light 3 to 4 min Bright white object over Billings, MT 5/13/12
6/1/66 21:00 Loring ME Sphere 60 minutes 3 orbs over Loring AFB. 6/25/20
6/1/66 21:00 Vietnam
Circle 5-10 minutes Round no LIGHTS black 500ft or less 5mph no sound stealth ((male name deleted)) could have fired but didn't. reported to exec. 4/7/17
6/1/66 21:00 Oil City (near) PA Sphere 30 minutes 3 spheres, 3 colors, doing figure eight in sky. Stoped car race. everyone saw, no one remembers ? Has anyone else seen this ? 4/18/12
6/1/66 19:30 District Heights MD Disk 3 to 5 minutes Observed UFO Sighting which stopped my moving vehicle on a lonely, tree lined road. 7/5/08
6/1/66 19:00 Dearborn Heights MI Disk ? UFO landed in Hines Park in Dearborn Heights, Michigan in 1966 2/14/08
6/1/66 17:50 Pleasantville NY Disk 1 hour Never revealed this before. Grounds-- GPL General Percision Labratory. I belive previously it was the Tommy Mansville estate. I believe 8/5/09
6/1/66 17:30 Grandview MO Triangle 15 min Depressed for 40 years from this happening… 4/13/10
6/1/66 17:00 Cambridge OH Disk 18:00 We saw dark disc shaped objects emerge from the bottom of a "ligher than the evening sky" oblong light, fly around and reenter. 8/12/08
6/1/66 12:00 Bellingham WA Disk 45 sec. When I saw the object it was not moveing, then it went stright down and stoped, then it went up at 45 degree angal to the left and sto 10/30/06
6/1/66 12:00 Tokishi Shima Island (Japan)
Circle 30 minutes Support for the war in V.N.. Saw 5 disks from a distance of 25 miles. ((NUFORC Note: Radar operator report. PD)) 1/19/17
6/1/66 12:00 Punxsutawney PA Unknown months What I’m describing took place in the mid 1960’s or a little after that. These are the events that I remember, as time may have clouded 4/12/13
6/1/66 09:00 Old Washoe City NV Disk 20 seconds First, I would like to point out that this is a very old sighting that probably cannot possibly be confirmed. I am only hoping that so 8/12/08
6/1/66 01:00 Washington IN Unknown 10 minutes Back look like fire front look dark in color. 2/19/16
6/1/66 International Falls MN Disk 20 min. 2-UFO's wake three/eight yr. old children at different addresses and took control of our minds, emotions, heart and soul! 11/21/10