National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 10/1967
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
10/31/67 20:00 Midland TX Light 5 seconds I remember this event very distinctly. However I am unsure of the date. It’s approximate. However I am very sure it was during a Hal 2/1/07
10/20/67 18:00 Old Greenwich CT Disk 30 seconds Very OLD sighting of glowing blue object hovering over RR tracks/wires in SW Connecticut. 1967! 2/1/07
10/15/67 23:00 Travis AFB CA Unknown ? UFO AT TRAVIS AFB CALIFORNIA 1967. 1/31/11
10/15/67 23:00 Saugus CA Light 3 minutes oct. 1967 late night, I was a high school student living in the boring town of Saugus, California, the nearest town was Newhaul, and th 3/19/09
10/15/67 21:00 Hampstead NC Disk 5 minutes Hampstead North Carolina disk 1967 12/20/12
10/15/67 18:00 Birmingham AL Oval five minutes description of a spaceship spotted over Birmingham Alabama in 1967. 7/5/08
10/7/67 22:00 Lantana FL Other 3minutes UFO report and theory of motion. 11/28/07
10/3/67 22:53 Bucksport ME Disk 8 minutes The craft never made a sound 4/12/19
10/1/67 13:00 Greenville IL Circle 30 seconds My son and I went to a ballpark close by to play- we were the only ones there, I happened to look up and right over us, were 3 round uf 2/24/07