National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 07/1969
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
7/31/69 20:00 Summerville SC Light an hour Glowing light that filled the entire sky over summerville south carolina starting small then growing large enough to cover the sky. 6/12/07
7/30/69 21:00 North Augusta (Canada) ON Triangle half hour approx ((HOAX)) JUST FOR THE RECORD THESE TIANGLE CRAFTS HAVE BEEN AROUND FOR SOME TIME 10/31/08
7/30/69 13:00 Akron OH Circle 3 hours Giant Silver Ball Hanging Over Akron In the Late 1960's 7/4/12
7/27/69 21:45 Rocky Mount NC Sphere 15 MINUTES A FLYING OBJECT BURNED TOP OF TREES IN ROCKY MOUNT, NC. 1969 5/15/06
7/23/69 23:00 Creedmoor TX Oval 3 hours A flash of light went through the house. 8/17/17
7/15/69 23:00 Burlington WA Other 30 seconds I was returning home after seeing my girl friend, trveling along a rural road between two corn fields a creature apprximatly 3 feet tal 2/14/08
7/15/69 22:00 North Atlantic Ocean AL Light 3 minutes Rapid zig-zag movementsabd departed in a flash 4/9/20
7/15/69 14:00 Champaign IL Disk 5 Minutes UFO or Enormous "Spider"? 500 Lights On Object0: Yes 2/24/07
7/15/69 02:00 Enid OK Unknown 10 minutes 2 unknown objects, moving @ incredible speed passed just feet above my car 6/27/11
7/15/69 01:00 Geneseo (outside of) IL Unknown 10-20 minutes Questionable Abduction 3/31/08
7/14/69 19:00 Bridgeport/Lakeport NY Cigar 5 minutes July 1969, two of my friends and I saw a cigar-shaped craft hovering above the tree-tops near my friend's family home. 1/31/11
7/11/69 21:00 Whitemarsh PA Fireball 3 min. Three minutes hovering silent, orange-red fireball 10 feet across 400 feet high and the vanished 5/12/09
7/10/69 21:00 Upper Dublin PA Sphere 5 Minutes Orange sphere about 100' across moving on Susquehanna Rd. just above the trees. 3/31/08
7/7/69 23:30 Miami FL Light hour multi-colored swirling illuminating lights (looked like a tornado in the sky) 500 Lights On Object0: Yes 6/12/08
7/5/69 10:30 March AFB CA Triangle 5 minutes Me and my brother and a buddy were camping out side at march air base and it came over the top of us it was biger then 2 blocks it did 11/19/12
7/4/69 10:30 Lakewood CO Other 5 mins Light reversing directions silent - watched for ten minutes 1/12/12
7/4/69 01:30 Philadelphia PA Sphere 20 minutes Strange globe sighting--1969. 10/4/19
7/1/69 00:00 San Juan (Puerto Rico)
Oval 3 minutes Oval objects over San Juan skies in broad daylight. 6/12/07
7/1/69 21:00 New Castle PA Disk 45 seconds It was July 1969 on a clear summer evening in a rural area in western Pennsylvania. I was 16 years old and my brother was about 7. We d 8/23/19
7/1/69 20:00 Payson AZ Disk < 5 min. The disc illuminated bright lemon yellow light through it's large square windows, moving slowly and beeping intermitingly 12/7/06
7/1/69 18:00 Scottsdale AZ
1 to 2 minutes my brother, several neighbors and I were playing outside when we all noticed a fast light streak really high up on the sky, near the s 2/1/07