National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 06/1971
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
6/30/71 23:30 Seattle WA Diamond 30 minutes 4 "non-flashing" red lights in a diamond formation hovering above the Space Needle in Seattle-1971. ((NUFORC Note: Pilot report. PD)) 4/13/18
6/30/71 22:00 Dayton OH Oval 30 seconds Dayton, Ohio sighting 2/1/07
6/30/71 21:00 Ashland VA Disk driving Two saucer sighting and one alien sighting. 3/19/09
6/30/71 21:00 Inyokern CA Sphere ~40 seconds Huge, sparking edged Black Sphere viewed near Inyokern... perhaps 40 seconds or more, flying a straight line. 8/2/16
6/30/71 20:00 East Boston MA Oval 1 minute Three ufo's hovered watching my friends and I play street hockey for I don't know how long in 1971 or 72 9/5/17
6/30/71 20:00 Morrice (near) MI Disk 40 seconds We were walking and came to the corner of S. Corey Rd. and Lovejoy Rd. when all of a sudden over our right shoulders we saw the craft. 10/30/12
6/30/71 01:00 Santa Barbara CA Formation ~2 seconds Four hazy circular white lights flew over Hope Ranch at 1:00 a.m., June 1971. 5/9/19
6/30/71 01:00 Vandenberg AFB CA Disk unknown UFO's buzzed High Security Air Force Base in early 1970's. 3/4/08
6/27/71 23:00 Sunnyvale CA Other five minutes Hard to describe floating box scared the heck out of two teenage girls many years ago 8/7/11
6/15/71 11:00 Brockton MA Disk one hour The Sighting 8/14/07
6/14/71 20:45 Broken Bow OK Triangle 3 minutes Silent trapezoid (triangle with its head cut off). Oklahoma, 1971. 5/15/06
6/10/71 15:00 Portage WI Cigar 2 mins Gray cigar-shaped object hovering 11/21/10
6/10/71 11:00 Goodman MO Disk 3-5 minutes Metalic saucer hovers over us in broad daylight at around 500 feet low 8/7/07
6/10/71 10:00 Allen MD Sphere 15 min The ufo was above this radio tower. Me and my mom were watching it. It was about a half mile away as the crow flies. The ufo started t 10/30/06
6/1/71 22:00 Montezuma IN Sphere 20 to 30 minutes Wabash River sighting. 1/19/17
6/1/71 21:00 Moultrie GA Cigar 10-15 minutes Local DJ reports UFO above radio station. 1/30/14
6/1/71 17:00 Forrest City AR Disk 2 min. The disc was silver no lights or seems but we only saw the bottom not the top or sides. 5/15/06
6/1/71 01:00 Jackson MS
Unknown A big headed being called me from my bed to tell me things 8/6/20
6/1/71 01:00 Holliday TX Disk 2 to 4 hours bright orange glowing saucer shaped object that followed our car 6/12/07
6/1/71 01:00 Newport TN Light 5+minutes The light could move slowly or inordinately fast any direction in complete silence. 10/30/06
6/1/71 00:00 Salem OR Oval 5 minute "ENCOUNTER AT HAYSVILLE CORNFIELD" 5/1/20