National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 07/1972
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
7/28/72 00:00 West Pittson PA Circle 45 min. we are not alone. ((NUFORC Note: We cannot be certain whether this report is intended as a hoax, or not. PD)) 6/27/11
7/20/72 09:40 Federal Way WA Sphere 5 seconds Softball size, silver, and very shiny, almost glass-like. 9/25/14
7/16/72 17:30 El Paso TX Circle 2 minutes Saucer 50 ft. above hovering over us. 5/15/17
7/15/72 23:00 Mariemont OH Oval 8 to 12 mins UFO and elecrical power grid. 5/29/11
7/15/72 22:00 Brunswick GA Unknown 1 minute When I was a young boy I saw a strange face looking at me from the hall way in my families home. 9/15/16
7/15/72 20:00 Chesterfield NH Cigar 10 minutes Large Cigar Shaped Object Chased By The Airforce In Chesterfield, New Hampshire 6/12/08
7/15/72 13:00 Kekaha Highway HI Circle 1Hr discus object being forced down between 2 islands , no resistance. 12/12/09
7/10/72 22:00 North Miami FL Disk
The four of us were have a meditation and spiritual group exchange and as we were each taking turns talking about spiritual matters a c 3/23/18
7/5/72 01:00 Powell WY Fireball 60 seconds My 2 young sons ages 7 and 9 were sleeping outside in the front yard. We lived in the country in Powell, Wyoming, Park County. We had 8/30/13
7/4/72 21:00 Rehobeth Beach (near) DE Disk 10 minutes Hovering 25' up, middle section rotating clockwise and containing red, yellow and (green?) lighted sections, shot away fast, no sound. 5/15/13
7/1/72 21:30 Campbell CA Oval 5 Minutes In the summer of 1972 or 1973, a friend and I were sitting on the front steps of our house in Campbell, CA. We were facing towards Sara 4/27/07
7/1/72 15:00 Bedford Park IL Other 10 seconds This was a sighting of a glowing being. The date is approximate. I think I was about 8 years old and it was summer. A friend and I were 1/5/11
7/1/72 00:00 Goshen WI Oval 15 minutes Sighting of blue oval UFO and possible Bigfoot or humanoid creature 12/12/11