National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 07/1974
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
7/30/74 20:50 Solitude IN Disk 7-18 min saucer viewed from side with lights or portholes, by 3 witnesses. 5/4/18
7/30/74 20:50 Solitude IN Disk 7-18 minutes saucer viewed from side with lights or portholes, by 3 witnesses. ((NUFORC Note: Report by Mr. Francis Ridge, UFO investigator. PD)) 4/26/18
7/27/74 02:30 Cohasset MA Light 15 minutes Satellite like- bright object, ultra high speed, erratic behavior, 2 separate years, same place, same general time. 4/27/07
7/26/74 20:30 Claremont NC Oval 3 hours 1 of 3 UFOs followed my car after we watched them hovering for a few hours. 10/8/07
7/22/74 22:30 Salida CO Disk 5 minutes Silver disc shaped close encounter with biological effects. 2/18/11
7/21/74 21:00 Newark DE Disk 15 minutes This was not a far away light but a real flying sauser hovering directly above me. 1/10/09
7/20/74 22:00 Edison NJ Disk 15-20 minutes I only ever told this story to those individuals whom I knew could understand and appreciate its happening. Many years have gone by wit 3/2/18
7/20/74 21:00 Corning NY Oval 50 seconds Gray bottom oval shaped craft hovering above tree top.. 5/22/15
7/20/74 02:00 Marfa TX Oval 3 menutes In 1974 I lived in El Paso, I was unemployed, I heard about a tire recaping company I desided pay them a visit, and I ask the manager i 7/16/06
7/18/74 03:00 Sebring FL Cigar 3+ hours Multi-event, three orb/stars move in triangle unison, cigar shaped craft turns up to sky becomes point of light 9/15/16
7/16/74 23:00 Scottsville KY Cross 30+ Minutes Large White Glowing Cross With Haze 2/1/07
7/15/74 21:00 Ottawa IL Unknown 15 sec I was amazed when I came to this site and looked up the date that I saw my strange encounter. Some one posted on the same date that the 4/18/12
7/15/74 19:00 Overland Park KS Light 10 seconds 6 to 9 dots of light in uneven formation 8/7/07
7/15/74 14:00 Carthage MS Unknown 2 Hours The object did not move in the night sky for over an hour and then it streaked across the sky and was gone! 4/13/10
7/15/74 14:00 Saltspring Island (Canada) BC Oval 10 seconds Silent. Approx 50 mph speed.50' off.the ocean. Approx 1/2 mile away. Silver with 45 degree upturned corners. Passed.low.over the water 4/9/20
7/15/74 12:00 Cairns (Australia)
Cigar Approx. 1hr 7/ 74 - Cairns Ql d. Australia - Cigar - 1hr - Watched silver ship stationary in sky for 1hr then took off at great speed into the dis 6/9/09
7/13/74 Conrath WI Disk 15 minutes Saucer Shaped Vehicle Looked Like Saturn But I could see Windows in it. and it looker like some small people looking back at us. 12/20/12
7/11/74 22:00 Federal way WA Sphere 5 seconds Summer evening silver sphere 5/1/20
7/4/74 00:00 North Carolina (Highway 70) NC Circle 1 hour I want to tell the world before iam gone. 12/7/06
7/1/74 20:00 Benton KY Fireball 10-20 seconds Flying Object appeared to be a fire ember 2/24/07
7/1/74 16:00 San Pedro Sula (Honduras)
Oval .25 Seing is believing! 2/24/07