National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 08/1974
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
8/23/74 19:30 Bridgeport (pond flowing out of Remington Arms compound) CT Triangle about 3 hours of lost tim 2 girls lose track of time while singing "Octopus's Garden" and taking a short cut through the woods around a pond after seeing a UFO ! 3/4/08
8/21/74 11:00 Holloman AFB NM Other 1 hour Had my military career and life threatened by an officer while in the USAF 4/18/12
8/16/74 19:30 Somersworth NH Disk 5-10 seconds Saucer seen from about 40 feet away at top of trees in Somersworth, NH, 36 years ago. 6/3/10
8/15/74 22:00 Canon AFB NM Light 2 minutes This is a report of an experience that myself and a fellow Air Traffic Controller saw at Cannon AFB in 1974. We were sitting Outside of 12/12/11
8/15/74 17:00 Pullman/Allegan MI Circle 15 followed by a circular disc shaped object down road in the after noon 7/19/10
8/15/74 Ft. Myers FL Disk 10 minutes Mr.davanport in late 74while visiting relatives in e ft.myers I observed a disk shape craft that had a round top And lights that rot 11/19/15
8/10/74 13:00 Glendale AZ Light 45 minutes UFO seen by USAF Air Traffic Controller and the entire 4 man crew at Luke AFB in August 1974. 11/14/14
8/10/74 13:00 New Rochelle NY Oval 1 minute Close encounters of the real kind (space craft) for at least one minute about 100 yards right over my head 5/15/06
8/10/74 01:00 New Rochelle NY Oval 1 minute Close Encounters of the real kind (space craft) flied right over my head within a 100 yards traveling less than 5 miles an hour 5/15/06
8/9/74 12:00 Spokane WA Cigar 10-15 seconds Confirmation of 1974 report 34 years later. 8/12/08
8/8/74 22:00 Lake Zurich IL Sphere two hours The objects I saw changed me forever 2/1/07
8/7/74 20:00 Morganfield KY Circle 30 minutes light objects dart side to side buting on show 4/13/10
8/1/74 22:00 Springfield OH Cigar 30 minutes Small fleet large craft over Ohio 7/16/06
8/1/74 21:30 Pemberton NJ Circle 10-15 min 10 year old local boy sees UFO 2/1/07
8/1/74 21:00 Clarkston GA Oval 5 mins I would like to start by saying the date is a best guess. I was in 3rd or 4th grade, and I know it was the end of summer, and along w 2/1/07
8/1/74 21:00 Chester CA Triangle 2 minutes Three white lights in equilateral triangle move across night sky, multiple witnesses, summer camping trip 1974. 11/21/10
8/1/74 19:00 Grafton MA Circle 10 mins. Circular silver object with bright lights hovered over our heads at tree top level before whooshing off 7/19/10