National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 05/1975
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
5/30/75 20:00 Mountain Top PA Triangle 20 Baseball field size. Triangular shape. Rotating lights. No noise. Just rose up and eventually disappeared into stars. 1/24/14
5/25/75 23:00 Rochester NY Flash 10 seconds Prior to the full lunar eclipse I clearly saw an impact on the moon at the 11 o'clock portion of the moon followed by a much smaller af 4/26/99
5/25/75 17:00 Delroy OH Triangle 2 to 3 minutes We observed a large, glowing, triangular object hover noislessly obove a hill across the lake. 2/16/99
5/23/75 17:00 San Antonio TX Disk 45 seconds I was sitting on a barrel in the middle of the arena holding the reigns of my horse who began to walk around spooked a bit I look up an 6/18/04
5/15/75 20:00 Lithia Springs GA Disk 5 min A friend and i were riding down by the chattahoochee river right at dusk(on lower river road). When i saw a light off in the distance . 9/4/03
5/15/75 16:00 Pomeroy WA Disk 20 min saucer shaped very white. 4/28/01
5/15/75 13:00 Denton TX Other 2 minutes bright red, heart shaped vehicle flying above tree tops mid-afternoon on a clear, sunny day day 8/5/09
5/15/75 01:00 Little Rock AR Cigar 2:00 I came to a four way stop sign headed east, I looked to my left and noticed something in the sky, low moving fast about in a 15 degree 4/15/00
5/15/75 Holmen (near Brookners Pond) WI Disk seemead 15 min saw disk fly in and hover above pond,the pond is about 100 foot dia.We were sitting on the pier,exceptionaly close,you could see every 11/20/01
5/7/75 02:00 Lodi OH Light 02:15 It was about 2:00AM I was seven years old, I look out the window when I herd a noise that was behind the the house it was a round red l 12/9/00
5/5/75 02:00 Jacksonville NC Sphere Approx.4minutes Silent rocking 4ft silver sphere hovering 2ft of the ground with tremendous takeoff speed. 9/15/05
5/1/75 17:00 Reno NV Disk 2 minutes A disk shape hovering over my apartment building in broad daylight in a busy city. 1/3/01
5/1/75 02:40 Alexandria VA Fireball 2 seconds Pretty sure this was nothing other than a Meteor but it hit probaly a few miles from my house or thats the way it looked at least ..was 5/4/04