National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 07/1979
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
7/24/79 20:06 Tilton NH Cylinder 2 minutes Silver/white cylinder moving slowly with no sound or lights. 7/25/19
7/18/79 21:00 Niagara Falls NY Light 2 hours This very delayed report is the result of just finding your site as received a link from a friend.

Let me preface this with an obser
7/15/79 23:00 N. Cascades Nat. Park WA Light 2x ~10sec Bright green round object quickly travelling east to west. 5/15/06
7/15/79 21:30 Grosse Pointe Woods MI Rectangle 1-2 minutes Very large dark rectangular object silently tracking across sky was seen on two seperate occasions 3/23/17
7/15/79 21:30 Rancho Palos Verdes CA Chevron 2-3 minutes Late at night in the summer of 1979 a huge chevron shapped UFO flew silently and slowly just above the rooftops of So. California 7/4/12
7/15/79 15:00 Deoghar (India)
Circle 5 minutes Multiple white couloured, perfectly round, full-moon like (without spots) objects crossing the sky from east to west....equal sizes. 1/5/16
7/15/79 14:30 Apple Valley CA Sphere 5-6 seconds Daytime / air to air near miss / sighting 3/4/08
7/15/79 12:00 Hattiesburg MS Unknown 5 seconds Sensation of loud noise, crash, and time stopping 7/16/06
7/15/79 07:00 Haifa (Israel)
Oval 2-3 minutes Oval shaped dark metallic red object moving at mach speed. 12/1/19
7/15/79 01:30 Arcadia WI Cigar 2 Minutes Blimp like object moving 300 feet above a small town main street causing dogs to bark in the middle of the night. 12/12/09
7/15/79 01:00 Los Angeles (300 mi. W of; at sea) CA Light 4 minutes 5 light doing incredible maneuvers over the Pacific Ocean. ((NUFORC Note: Report from Coast Guard lookout. PD)) 5/22/15
7/14/79 08:00 Honeoye Falls NY Cigar 2 minutes Cigar shape ufo with gateway 3/13/12
7/13/79 22:00 Santa Clarita CA Disk 40 seconds Up close over backyard pool 1/10/09
7/11/79 02:00 Kansas City MO Cylinder 4 seconds I was camping out hoping to see Skylab come down when I saw a red arrow move across the sky. 2/24/07
7/10/79 21:00 Saugus MA Changing 1 hour I saw a ball, off white, irregular borders similar to a fireball. It circled the area a number of times. Then, the object began to slow 6/25/20
7/6/79 10:00 Pichacho Peak AZ Other 2mins.approximately oddly-shaped craft suspended between sides of the saddle-back mountain, Picacho Peak, AZ 1/21/08
7/5/79 02:30 Tampa FL Disk 20 minutes Tampa, Fl. 7/5/79, Saucer shape object lit from underneath moving west toward the international airport or Tampa bay. 6/12/07
7/3/79 08:00 Forest Park GA Other 15-30 seconds Stingray-like drone shaped craft, solid bright white, no engines, no windows, no wings, no rudder, no exhaust, no markings flying low. 6/9/17
7/1/79 23:00 Houghton Lake MI Light 20-25 min Orange lights over Houghton Lake MI 10/8/07
7/1/79 13:00 Waldorf (West Germany)
Cigar 5 minutes Cigar Shaped UFO near Waldorf West Germany. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting by military officer and flight attendants. PD)) 5/15/13
7/1/79 10:00 East Orange NJ Disk a few minutes When I was about seven years old, saw a flying saucer with lights outside my window, telepathically asked me if I was alone 10/31/08
7/1/79 01:00 Basseterre (St. Kitts)
Light 3seconds 5 lights in tandem came from the sky and after suddenly turning at a 45 degree angle in tandem disappeared toward the sea! 8/7/07