National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 09/1980
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
9/20/80 20:30 Louisville KY Circle 15 min I did not know how to report so i found this sight i am now 52 and most passegers are in there 68 -70. 2/14/10
9/18/80 04:00 Pima (north of; on Indian reservation) AZ Disk 30 minutes Bright object in the sky in remote arizona mountains. 2/22/19
9/16/80 23:00 Clinton Township MI Oval 20 min Circular shaped craft with flashing lights. 1/10/09
9/15/80 22:00 Tekamah NE Unknown 5 -8 min Standard running light, hovers, flies slow, climbs fast and absolutely no sound and no jet engines flames. 8/24/10
9/12/80 21:00 Atlantic Ocean NC Light one minute Flying light flew across sky, stopped, zig zagged, turned red, then flew back up and disapeared. 12/12/09
9/11/80 UK/England

8 hours the sightings that are beeing reported today, I and my workmates saw back in november 1980. we saw one main sphere and others coming to 4/13/10
9/9/80 Bodenham TN Disk 19:00 Disc shaped craft with flashing red and green lights in a circular motion noticed and witnessed going down. With a pulsating humming so 6/7/19
9/5/80 17:00 Morgan Hill CA Disk fifteen minutes ufo sighting in small town on the busiess holiday weekend. 11/21/10
9/1/80 17:00 Concordia MO Sphere 3 seconds Ball of light in Concordia, MO- 1980 7/4/12