National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 10/1980
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
10/31/80 05:25 Virginia Beach VA Other Still In View When Called There were "two white lights, huge in size” like "two flares in [the] sky hovering," with "dogs howling" at the same time of sighting. 3/19/09
10/29/80 20:00 Detroit MI Rectangle 30 seconds Triangle shape object with flashings lights 2/7/14
10/28/80 19:00 Pepper Pike OH Disk 2 hours Our Close Encounter with a saucer shape disc in Northeast Ohio in 1980. 6/24/15
10/20/80 21:00 Winchester MA Rectangle 20 minutes Huge rectangular craft with missing time 6/25/20
10/19/80 01:00 Bald Knob AR Triangle 10 min ORANGE TRIANGULAR CRAFT,NO NOISE 11/21/10
10/15/80 19:00 Denham Springs LA Rectangle 6 minutes Flying object observed 9/24/12
10/15/80 14:00 Sandy UT Sphere 1min. Unidentified flying objects Investigations 11/21/10
10/15/80 10:00 Port Townsend WA Cigar 30 seconds 3 silver, shiny, cigar-shaped craft over Discovery Bay, WA, hovered, accelerated at incredible rate, and disappeared. 6/5/15
10/15/80 03:00 Guntersville AL Triangle 10 seconds The date and time is not exact. I was the shift supervisor at a chemical plant located on the banks of the Tennessee River. Mountains 8/27/09
10/10/80 23:30 Manchester NH Light 3 to 5 min A red glowing sphere stopped and watched me. 11/21/10
10/5/80 21:00 Allenspark CO Light 5 seconds Bright white light moves in U-pattern, then fades out. 11/11/13
10/2/80 21:30 Irvine CA Sphere 15 minutes Dot of light making imposable turn 7/4/12
10/1/80 21:00 Shirleysburg PA Formation 10 minutes Sometime during the late 1970-s and early 1980’s, I can’t remember the time of the year. I was in my home in rural Shirleysburg, PA. 5/13/12
10/1/80 20:00 Mountainboro AL Fireball 20 seconds Ball of Fire that changed into a cone shape. 7/4/12