National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 01/1981
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
1/21/81 17:00 Chula Vista CA Other 5 minutes Blimp shaped craft floating over I805 January 21, 1981, 5pm. 4/12/13
1/19/81 21:30 Wilmont (south of) MN Light 5 to 7 minutes Coming home from a school event, I noticed a light in the northern sky. It was bright white with red flashes, moving slowly upward... 11/2/99
1/17/81 21:00 Oroville CA Diamond 30 sec The craft was 250ft of the ground, moving north directly overhead slowly. There was no sound! Headed over town, made a left bank, and w 5/24/99
1/15/81 23:30 Amherst (Canada) NS Formation I don't know Seven to nine lights moving slowly around one another in more of a vertical formation 12/5/01
1/15/81 22:00 Hawthorne NV Fireball 2 minutes Green ball of light flying parallel to school bus. 1/5/16
1/15/81 20:00 Long Beach CA Triangle 10-15 sec 5 dull red lights in V formation cruising over the coast of Long Beach 8/7/11
1/15/81 13:00 Canberra (Australia)
Disk 1 hour silver round stationary 50,000 feet 1 hour cesna in size robot in appearence 1981 canberra australia 6 saw 1pm clear day. 2/14/06
1/15/81 10:00 Colorado Springs CO Triangle 10 Triangular black craft in broad daylight hovering high and then speeding off. 2/1/07
1/15/81 01:15 Davenport IA Cigar 21 min strange colered lights hovered before speeding away. 2/24/07
1/12/81 22:00 West Jefferson OH Triangle 1 minute Red Triangle Over West Jefferson. 1/10/14
1/10/81 20:30 Glendora CA Unknown 1 minute On a very foggy night in 1981 I was illuminated by a silent unseen object in Glendora, California 2/18/01
1/1/81 01:00 El Reno OK Disk 30 mins New Years 1981 Crashing Disc 1/11/02
1/1/81 00:01 El Cajon CA Sphere 30 minute My husband and I were at home just bringing in the new year of 1981 watching the the ball drop in New York city having not even a glass 1/22/04