National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 10/1981
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
10/31/81 19:00 Antioch CA Rectangle 2-3 minutes Rectangle Over Antioch 10/21/16
10/31/81 18:00 Weed CA Disk 10 minutes 10/31/1981 Saucer Shaped UFO hovering between the moutain Mt. Shasta and the city of Mt. Shasta California 8/5/09
10/30/81 23:00 West Elk Wilderness Area CO Circle five seconds Bright round ball. several thousand MPH leveled off to one thousand MPH zig zaged through dense timber, no sound no projected light 12/23/02
10/20/81 21:00 Sherwood OR Other about 15 sec Two flying wings (?) over Sherwood, OR night sky. 11/3/05
10/18/81 16:00 Boulder CO Disk 10-15 seconds 3 slow moving disks over south Boulder. 10/14/13
10/18/81 07:30 Detroit/Warm Springs (between, Cascade Mts.) OR Cigar one hour Single small vehicle left main body and followed us in a hovering helicopter fashion for over 45 minutes while we were walking from the 9/26/98
10/15/81 23:00 Carmel NY Circle ~10 minutes Diffuse white light morphs to large circle 100 ft dia.or possibly orb of many indescribable colors, shrinks to 25 ft dia., shoots off. 11/19/15
10/15/81 20:30 Beverly Shores IN Sphere 6 seconds Three glowing green orbs traveling westbound at approximately 70-80 MPH on US 20 near Furnaceville. 3/18/16
10/15/81 19:00 Clark County (rural) KY Disk less than 1 hour Driving on I-64 we realized that the terrain wasn't right and began checking mile markers which confirmed we had somehow missed both M 7/14/99
10/15/81 16:30 San Jose CA Disk 7 minutes Town and Country Shopping Center, dic shaped craft at about 20feet above the ground...around 4:30PM on a Sunday. 2/14/08
10/15/81 16:00 Beaverton OR Cigar 10 sec DAYTIME SIGHTING long, black, no features, like a pencil, no sound. no lights. 10/28/02
10/15/81 09:00 Apache Lake AZ Egg 10 minutes UFO sighting Apache Lake in 1981during broad daylight hours. 12/12/09
10/15/81 07:30 Stonewall (Canada) MB Triangle 10 hours I remember feeling so scared and helpless, trouble breathing, feeling of being abandoned. 11/20/13
10/11/81 22:45 Hadley MI Light Unknown I took my girl to see the Northern Lights. I had a blanket laid out at the back of the cemetery at the corner of Hadley Rd and Sawmill 4/23/15
10/4/81 19:00 Columbus OH Disk Minutes A disc shaped craft, approximately thirty feet in diameter, hovered silently roof level. 12/7/06
10/1/81 20:00 Mount Sterling KY Disk one hour or more Close up view of UFO after unexplained loss of time.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
10/1/81 20:00 Hesperia MI Oval 40 minutes Two people in car see green oval object and lost time 1/10/09
10/1/81 Texas City/Galveston TX Unknown
UFO sighting in Texas City/Galveston in October/November, 1981. Anyone remember this? 11/28/07