National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 08/1983
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
8/23/83 07:00 Campana (Argentina)
Circle 15 minuts Old Contac Visual 4/28/01
8/22/83 22:00 Van Nuys (Los Angeles) CA Triangle 0:02 (Min.) Large (200') black triangle craft with white & blue lights & plumbing like under structure flew at 350 feet . Loud tonal/buzzing 1/22/04
8/21/83 22:50 New Haven CT Sphere 15-20 min Object next to Tweed New haven airport at tree level. Viewed by most residents of Stewart Street 8/19/00
8/20/83 18:00 Peoria County IL Cigar approx. one minute In the summer of 1983, while driving home from work in a rural setting, I saw a huge reddish orange cigar shaped object that looked lik 6/20/05
8/15/83 23:30 Columbus (near, at Fort Benning) GA Disk 15 Minutes Army soldiers see object over Fort Benning, Georgia 9/24/03
8/15/83 21:05 Bedford Hills NY Chevron 10 minutes Observed a huge black bommerang shaped UFO the size of 2 football fields hovering & moving slowly over the prison. 10/8/07
8/15/83 21:00 Shellsburg IA Triangle 3 hours Black v shape no sound verry slow and low 6/14/12
8/15/83 21:00 Katonah NY Triangle 10 minutes Driving along Rt.22 approaching the old Cherry Street Bridge, we were the sole witnesses of a craft that hovered silently only 100ft. a 8/10/99
8/15/83 21:00 Quinton VA Other 3-6 minutes Strange winged craft that shown a very bright light on us. 1/28/99
8/15/83 21:00 Hartford CT Fireball seconds fireball at night went under car on highway. 7/26/02
8/15/83 20:00 Cookstown NJ Triangle 20 min I believe my account above is complete & I herein swear to it's validity. 2/14/08
8/15/83 17:00 Citrus Heights (Sacramento Area) CA Disk 5 Minutes Witnessing what I saw that summer day in Sacramento still leaves me in awe. My sisters and I saw an immense object hovering very close 4/2/99
8/15/83 00:30 Plattekill NY Disk As my car drove by Large Round Liighted Craft hovering over a pond - summer 83 - intersection of Rt32 and New York State Thruway - Platekill NY 11/16/02
8/14/83 02:00 Hastings MI Other hours Rural South West Michigan 10/31/08
8/12/83 23:40 Pulaski VA Triangle 3 minutes Soundless triangular shape stops in midair at night and searchlight shines out into the air 8/14/07
8/8/83 15:00 Cassopolis MI Sphere 2 minutes Spherical Orb GlidingThrough the Sky. 2/28/13
8/2/83 23:00 Marieville (Canada) PQ Formation 5-6 seconds first in the evening I spotted a star which seems to turn off the light. I saw the same thing at north west before I saw the disks. N 4/22/03
8/1/83 22:30 Dallas TX Sphere unsure Awoke after being asleep for an hour or so to a light coming from another part of the house. I lay very still while witnessing the ligh 4/2/99
8/1/83 21:00 Mt. Kisco NY Triangle 10 Minutes Large aircraft, size of 747, flying 1000ft, no sound, 10-25 MPH, flew over Mt Kisco NY and many people witnessed the event. 4/26/99
8/1/83 14:30 Reedsville WV Sphere 5 min 2 smaller spheres dropped out of 1 largers sphere. Larger sphere was pewter & 2 smaller sphere's were pewter! Samller sphere's manuve 3/13/12
8/1/83 01:30 Santa Rosa CA Unknown 15 mins Slow flying, noiseless object with red strobes. 2/18/01