National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 10/1984
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
10/31/84 22:00 Vincent AL Circle 2 minutes A circular object with smaller circular lights underneath it, with the ability to hover and travel at an unbelievable speed. 8/23/19
10/15/84 19:30 Albuquerque NM Disk 45 minutes Disc close enough to almost touch no sound or air, no feet or legs cloaked until about 6' from it 4/12/13
10/15/84 08:15 New Castle DE Other 3-5 minutes Oct 1984 at 8:15 am small translucent half dome shaped object 8/7/11
10/10/84 05:00 Houston TX Circle 1 minute 2 experience with unkown 4/18/12
10/1/84 22:00 Holmes/Whaley Lake NY Formation 15 minutes Looking up towards the north,we saw a V shaped formation of lights. Maybe it was just one craft with a line of 8 to 11 lights in the sh 9/19/19
10/1/84 20:00 Chatsworth CA Light 45 seconds Light approaches at high rate of speed and makes a ninety degree turn. 2/24/07
10/1/84 18:00 Gilbertsville KY Cigar Unsure This picture was taken by my mother, in approx 1984, at Kentucky Lake. I am the bigger child and the other two are my brother and siste 1/24/19