National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 05/1986
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
5/19/86 02:00 São Paulo (Brazil)
Light 3 hours Thirty years ago there were persecutions of UFO's by military aircrafts over São Paulo in Brazil for several hours. Now, in last sunday 5/26/16
5/18/86 20:30 Trimmer CA Changing approx.10 mins. The craft floated along the hills above the homes, as tho taking a leisurely cruise against the mountainside... 9/2/05
5/15/86 22:00 Tompkinsville KY Triangle 20 seconds Large L-shaped or triangle object, no lights,passed low overhead, no sound. Structure underneath. 2/16/00
5/15/86 21:00 Liverpool (UK/England)
Rectangle 15 seconds Rectangular, silent craft gliding over houses about 100 feet up. 6/12/08
5/15/86 20:30 Winona (Canada) ON Chevron 45 sec overflight of strange (stealth) craft 12/19/03
5/15/86 17:40 New York City (Manhattan) NY Chevron 40 mins Metallic UFO over Upper Manhattan 10/20/05
5/15/86 08:00 Jefferson CO Sphere 2-3 hrs saw a bright red sphere moving slowly from west to east on the north of our campsite. 9/13/02
5/15/86 02:00 Midwest City OK Unknown approx. 3 minutes This object was seen at night hovering over a building at a local Air Force Base in Oklahoma 3/17/04
5/12/86 20:45 Dade City (near) FL Triangle 04 minutes While camping in the late 80's we had several encounters with a silent triangular object 300-400ft above our camp site 7/5/05
5/10/86 21:30 Crab Orchard KY Light 15 minutes A ufo hovered in the sky for about 15 minutes. It shot down a blue beam of light. 1/22/00
5/4/86 12:30 Fortuna CA Triangle a few seconds It was a triangle three thrusters under it with lighting like going through the ship 1/29/02
5/1/86 21:00 Vine Grove KY Oval 1.5hrs My mother brother and friend were in the back yard looking around at the sky, why, at that point I had no Idea they told me they (broth 7/15/05
5/1/86 19:00 Bensalem PA Formation 2 hours 3 "stars" over bensalem spun away 10/31/08
5/1/86 19:00 Jefferson (near) CO Sphere unknown Red sphere low to the ground moving slowly and erratically. 2/16/99