National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 12/1986
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
12/31/86 21:00 Houston TX Formation 15-20 seconds Formation of four star like lights appearing and reappearing. 5/11/05
12/31/86 19:00 Mt. Airy NC Triangle 30-60 seconds Roadside triangular UFO sighting resulting in missing time.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
12/31/86 19:00 Mt. Airy (near) NC Formation 20 seconds We were driving south on Hwy. 52 when we saw 3white lights in a triangular shape ascend from thetrees to the left of the highway and ho 6/2/98
12/31/86 18:00 Kaneohe HI Cigar 00:05 A large, dark cigar shaped craft w/ lights 3/2/04
12/27/86 10:30 Pittsburgh PA Triangle 15 min It was trianbular in shape. It was in Plum Boro Pennsylvania. Not really a ufo hot spot. I hovered there until we left after 15 minutes 11/26/03
12/24/86 22:00 Ocala FL Triangle two minutes Approximately 10:00 pm, saw a very large triangular (for lack of better word) shaped object traveling from southwest to northeast. The 7/1/02
12/15/86 20:30 Attleboro MA Disk 2 minutes large disc, no more than 80ft above our car, 4 witnesses, 2 full minute sighting 5/12/11
12/12/86 20:00 Pocahontas AR Light 2-3 minutes What appears to be 2 comets suddenly shoots overhead and turns into red, pulsating lights in a random formation; hovers 2-3 minutes. 5/11/05
12/1/86 22:00 Ocala FL Rectangle 10 minutes rectangular, transparent, huge object with points of red lights at each intersection moving slowing and low through the night sky. 2/18/11