National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 01/1988
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
1/26/88 23:00 Sydney (NSW, Australia)
Cigar 3 minutes UFO Encounter Close 26th January 1988 Pre Olympic Site Sydney 2000 . 4/27/04
1/25/88 04:00 Duluth MN Triangle unknown In the early morning on a winter day when I was younger, my friends and I had a sleep over, and one of my friends had a paper route, so 11/19/98
1/18/88 20:00 Stonewall OK Light 5-7 minutes Strange light in the southern sky (Oklahoma, 1988). 3/31/08
1/17/88 02:00 Kingsville OH Rectangle brief Large Flat Bottom Boat / Lite, Green Lights / Awesome 2/14/08
1/15/88 23:00 Vandalia MO Triangle 10 minutes The shape was a dark sharp triangle that made no noise and seemed transparent from directly below. 10/31/03
1/15/88 18:00 Little Rock (northwest of) AR Other 2 or 3 minutes On this evening I saw what I thought was a halogen search light from a hovering helicopter. Something about the light did not seem righ 7/30/02
1/12/88 03:30 Cambridge MA Oval 15 seconds 8 gliding craft in formation with a 9th "quantum jump" scout craft 10/31/08
1/10/88 22:10 Williamsfield IL Unknown 27 minutes A dull yellow light, low off the ground and no noise in January 1988 8/7/11
1/10/88 21:30 Bellside/Wishaw (UK/Scotland)
Sphere 2 min. large pink luminous globe ,bright flare close too moved at very low level silently 8/5/01
1/9/88 23:00 Ellington CT Triangle 3 min Large triangular craft aprox. 200-300 ft wide , hovering approximately 150 ft above ground, and making little or no sound 12/23/02
1/1/88 17:00 Kenner LA Circle 20 minutes Gigantic circular object hovering, and then with progressive speed moved away and disappeared.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
1/1/88 03:00 Roselle IL Triangle 2-3 min fast moving Triangle with no sound and orange lights, stops hovers and speeds off. 10/30/06