National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 04/1988
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
4/30/88 22:00 McNeill MS Cigar 15 minutes Cigar shaped object, whose ends rotated and blinked lights, the ends separated from main object and shot up quickly above the main one. 8/7/07
4/30/88 Lincoln MO Circle
Seen a craft, lots details; windows panels etc. 1/24/12
4/26/88 23:00 Dallas TX Light 1 to 2 minutes 3 lights in trianglular formation over nw dallas 7/26/02
4/15/88 19:00 Yuma/Tacna AZ Other 15-30min. roundes craft with lights around the outer rim. No sound came from it, it stood in the sky before us revolving slowly. We felt we wer 7/5/99
4/15/88 14:00 Bremerton WA Disk ~ 20 seconds Disc was flying about 50 yards off the wingtip of an airliner that had just left Seatac airport. 5/14/02
4/15/88 07:00 Wasilla AK Disk 2or3minutes the object was large moving just above the treeline it had clear white lights not sure if it made a noise because i was in doors 2/18/11
4/12/88 16:00 Pleasant Hill MO Disk 5 min UFO over Pleasant Hill 1/19/05
4/4/88 23:30 Akron OH Light 30 seconds 1 light split into 3,hovered, then flew away 3/16/01
4/4/88 02:00 Brunswick ME Unknown 10 secs Navy aircraft completely illuminated by moving, elevated bright green light hovering over airfield 5/11/05