National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 06/1988
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
6/30/88 00:00 Becej (Serbia)
Circle >1 hour I was a kid and had a window at my bed and often i would stare out the window at night from the bed and look at the stars until i fell 4/7/17
6/30/88 23:15 Louisville KY Circle 3 minutes UFO Sighted Thursday June 30, 1988 at about 23:15 N of Elizabethtown and S of Louiseville on I-65 close to State Park 10/8/07
6/30/88 23:00 Mexico (Pacific Ocean)
6/30/88 19:00 Harrison AR Triangle Hours Numerous Lifelong Sightings. 1/16/14
6/30/88 11:00 Saline Valley CA Sphere continuous group of objects 11/21/10
6/30/88 06:30 Frederid WI Cigar 30 minutes three objects spotted in sky over rural area of wisconsin back in the 80's 3/19/09
6/30/88 03:00 Pittsburgh PA Triangle not sure Enormous black triangle, southeast of Pittsburgh, 1987/88.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
6/30/88 01:00 Phoenix AZ Unknown 5-60 minutes Lights seen in Phoenix, AZ back in the late 1980's. 5/15/13
6/30/88 01:00 Republic of Ireland
Light 10s--15s SCANNED BY A GREEN LIGHT. 7/16/06
6/30/88 Salem NJ Fireball 1 minute Me and my girlfriend was leaving Whispering Waters apartments when we saw a large green fireball moving North to South while facing Ken 8/2/16
6/23/88 22:30 Phoenix AZ Unknown 1 minute Seen E looking towards Paradise Valley mall area. Unknown craft lights lighting up from back to front. ((anonymous report)) 4/7/17
6/21/88 17:10 Tucano (Brazil)
Flash 15 seconds Flashing light two times with 15 seconds interval. 3/26/15
6/20/88 17:30 Conroe TX Fireball 1 minute Unknow 6 ft long ball of flame fire that pause, fly 3 circle around the tree then up it went. 3/13/12
6/20/88 01:00 Woburn MA Light 12 minutes -Working the night shift,and always watching the stars and shapes and distance of stars, starting like this looking up to the east from 5/15/06
6/19/88 05:30 In-flight (from Las Vegas to Hawaii) NV
1-2 minutes The actual craft was hidden under the cloud, but from my perspective it had to be the size of a small city. 5/13/12
6/19/88 03:00 Canton GA Circle 3 minutes Dull silver saucer just 30 feet over my house. Saw entire underbelly clearly. Read description. 9/9/13
6/18/88 23:30 Jonesboro IN Light 10 mins Red star/planet like light moving from west to north. 4/18/12
6/18/88 15:00 Wilmington MA Circle 3 minutes My sister and me was around 11 year old.we were playing in the yard.

We heard a loud noise.a large round object appeared above the t
6/16/88 20:45 Union City PA Circle 12 minutes It was unbelievable and never thought UFOs where real till I seen one. 2/7/20
6/15/88 22:00 Budd Lake NJ Triangle 1 hour huge object over fileds Near Budd Lake,NJ 3/31/08
6/14/88 21:45 Carrollton TX Cross 4 minutes Cross shaped object moving across the clear North Texas sky at 21:45. 3/31/08
6/13/88 20:00 Idyllwild CA Triangle
Large triangle. Bright light. 6/19/15
6/10/88 22:30 Omaha NE Oval 5-8min U.F.O hovering over trees in Nebraska 6/12/08
6/10/88 22:00 Pensacola FL Light 1 minute UFO's that looked like stars moving quickly. 1/10/09
6/10/88 03:00 Eden Prairie MN Light 30 Seconds Woke up at 300 am , compelled to go over to window, bright star light approaches windowshade. 10/30/06
6/1/88 23:30 Chesterfield VA Circle 2-3 minutes Circular object with round lights hovering above the intersection of Qualla Road and Newby’s bridge Road in Chesterfield County. 1/7/15
6/1/88 23:00 Lakeline OH Light 20 Minutes 2 Lights Over Lake Erie - 1988 4/13/10
6/1/88 23:00 Lackawanna NY Unknown 4 min. spotlight at night, 90' away, no sound or wind. 10/10/11
6/1/88 22:00 Peru
Diamond 2 minutes Three light blue/green objects, diamond shaped, triangle pattern over the Andes in Peru, move extremely fast. 5 witnesses 3/8/07
6/1/88 21:30 Albuquerque NM Sphere Appx 3 minutes Silent sphere with multicolored lights floats slowly over Albuquerque then shoots north then west out of sight. 1/5/11
6/1/88 21:00 St. Augustine FL Sphere 2 minutes Hovering Sphere over the ocean 11/21/10
6/1/88 21:00 Potomac MD Circle 3 secs Large orange ball traveled fast in night sky and then disappeared 10/31/08
6/1/88 20:00 Carrollton MS Circle 30 sec Round large object on Hwy 82 in Carroll County 12/7/06
6/1/88 19:30 Buras LA Disk 5 min Disk shaped silent craft with 7 lights passed directly overhead of 3 witnesses, appeared high and huge. 1/31/11
6/1/88 19:00 Mankato MN Other 10 minutes black submarine shapes oject at ligh speed and orange blasts 4/27/07
6/1/88 18:00 Venice Beach FL Unknown 5 minutes Venice Beach sighting orange lights 7/4/12
6/1/88 15:30 Sebastopol CA Circle 2mins. Glowing red ball Sebastopol,CA 10/30/06
6/1/88 13:05 Boca de Uchire (Venezuela)
Sphere 20 seconds Round silent mirror white/green object flying low over the river heading towards the sea. 11/28/07
6/1/88 06:30 Alton IL Light 15 minutes I was called to the back porch by my grandmother and she showed me the lights in the sky. ((MO INVESTIGATORS GROUP REPORT. PD)) 2/14/19
6/1/88 04:00 Trinity village CA Unknown 2 minutes satellite in orbit takes sudden right angle turn and disappears. 1/5/11
6/1/88 03:00 Ironton OH Unknown 5minutes I had an encounter with something not of this world. 7/28/10
6/1/88 02:00 North Lauderdale FL Other >2 minutes I was in my bedroom which was at the we corner of our home on a canal. I just got home from work and was laying on my bed. 8/13/15
6/1/88 02:00 Hahn A B (Germany)
Triangle 7 minutes Simple triangle 40/50 yards across. Blue soft light up front. Solve mover no noise for its size. 6/25/20
6/1/88 01:00 Corbin KY Disk 2 Min Huge Suacer or Disc, Cumberland Falls in Corbin Kentucky 1988 or 1989 2/24/07
6/1/88 01:00 Davis OK Light 10 minutes My hubby and I were sitting on steps of a cabin at Turner Falls in Davis OK around midnight to 2 a.m. We were so amazed at all the sta 10/30/06
6/1/88 Portland OR Disk 1 minute hovering saucer with colored lights flew and stopped twice suddenly, changed to a silver gray muted appearance in the distance 10/4/19
6/1/88 Valentine TX Other
Beam of Darkness from Nose of Jet 6/12/07