National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 02/1990
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
2/28/90 22:00 San Clemente CA Disk 30 minutes ((HOAX?? Date is illogical)) Disc-shaped object witnessed. 10/8/07
2/20/90 06:40 Brownsburg (Speedway) IN Sphere approximately 3 to 5 min Object looked like a full moon, but it travelled too fast, and went the wrong way... 2/1/07
2/15/90 21:00 Waterloo IL Formation 30 Min Giant Chevron 4/27/07
2/15/90 09:00 Alaska airspace (above Arctic Circle)
Cylinder 4 minutes Engagement with objects by USAF aircraft 7/5/19
2/12/90 22:00 Kellogg ID Light Fast My wife and I were on the front deck when she said, "Did you see that?" I said, "What?" She then told me two large, round lights. 4/1/16
2/9/90 02:30 Plattsburg NY Light 3 minutes A bright yellow light follwing my car on the highway...and then just dissapeared. 4/12/13
2/4/90 02:16 Lansing MI Formation 20sec slow moving 3 faint orange tight v formation low in the sky 3/31/08
2/3/90 11:30 Douglas GA Other Several Minutes MUFON GEORGIA REPORT: MUFON of Georgia Ufologist Observes Massive Low Altitude Object. 6/12/07
2/2/90 02:00 Lake Wataree SC Triangle 3 minutes A large slow-moving, triangular, object passed over the highway in silence while we watched in awe. 1/29/16