National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 08/1990
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
8/31/90 22:00 Sterling MA Unknown 3-4 hours 2 kids in a tent harassed all night by sounds, a bright light and something trying to enter our tent.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
8/29/90 22:00 Southbridge MA Other 1 second A very large ufo travelling silent and fast was spotted in Southbridge heading South on 131 7/25/19
8/25/90 23:00 Townsend MT Triangle 3 seconds Observed three triangular luminescent objects in delta formation pass silently overhead very quickly. 4/13/17
8/24/90 20:00 Cherry Valley (outside of) IL Triangle 2 hours 8/24/1990 cherry valley,il. triangle observed for approx. 15min. then next thing sitting in car parked on side of road missing 2hrs. 5/2/11
8/24/90 01:00 Santa Cruz CA Other 5 seconds 4 dim lights lt orange in color flying extremely low just above redwood tree line totally silent 4/14/09
8/23/90 18:45 Redding CA Changing 3 to 5 minutes symentrical group of orange dots in night sky, no sound at all, no break in flowing formation at all 4/17/08
8/21/90 22:19 Phoenix AZ Other 30 minutes Triangular figgure that was not registered in local air ops. 8/30/10
8/16/90 17:00 Edmonton (Canada) AB Circle
On August 16, @ 1990, we used to go with my all family outside of Edmonton, Alberta in summer time; we went to hunting duck and b 2/1/07
8/15/90 22:00 San Jose CA Circle 5 minutes or 5 hours My Second Encounter.

Close Encounter: 16 years after my first sighting.

I had driven 1,000 miles from Spokane, WA where I was li
8/15/90 03:30 Pensacola FL Light 5 minutes Mistaken identity? Helicopter? Ball of light, turns into Alien aircraft and shoots into space! 11/5/20
8/10/90 22:00 Cavendish (Canada) PE Light 5-7 minutes one light became three and moved down to the ocean 12/7/06
8/10/90 02:00 Southbridge MA Unknown 45min-2 hours Reoccuring visitations ? Senses altered.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
8/8/90 23:08 Omaha NE Other 89 seconds the stealth ufo using antigravitic technoligies 4/13/10
8/8/90 12:00 Huntington Beach CA Sphere 30 minutes + Four Round Metallic Spheres in California 8/7/11
8/1/90 21:00 Wright Patterson AFB OH Disk 3 Minutes UFO at the Air Force Base. tDad Military denies it still, but mother admits to it. 11/28/07