National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 04/1991
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
4/27/91 21:00 Sacramento CA Changing 20-30 min Object in CA defied known laws of physics. 11/8/05
4/17/91 20:00 New Boston TX Oval 3 to 4 minutes I believe now, especially after the craft hovered over me, only feet above my head!!! 8/5/01
4/15/91 23:00 Placerville CA Light moments Spring 1991 Placerville,Ca. Light 5-10 seconds view from patio clear sky Light outruns 2 jets!! 8/27/09
4/15/91 22:00 Malad/Downy ID Circle 10 seconds UFO SPOTTED IN SOUTHEASTERN IDAHO IN RECENT YEARS 1/11/02
4/15/91 18:15 Greenwood SC Oval 1min seen craft in plain day, less than 150 ft. away larger than a football feild, no lights , clear , fast, silent. 4/9/04
4/15/91 10:00 Moab UT Diamond 1 minute One morning while hiking in some mountains in Utah two friends and I saw a large, diamond-shaped, unidentified flying object. 5/15/06
4/15/91 00:00 Scott A.F.B. IL Triangle 4 min Observed 1 object moving app. 200 kts., traveling east to west, altitude app. 3000 ft. 1/28/99
4/14/91 07:15 Panchgani (India)
Other 10 mins shooting star like ufo 12/3/04
4/13/91 23:45 Pagosa Springs CO Cigar 20 seconds I am a 68 year old retired president of an international trade association.My nephew and I were driving on a remote hightway in the mo 3/17/04
4/12/91 Monrovia CA Disk
I was in the 9th grade, my friend lived in the back house next to a church. I decided to take a nap in her room. Her and her sister w 4/8/02
4/11/91 13:00 Hammond IN Triangle 4 minutes UFO over Hammond. 10/30/12
4/1/91 21:00 Limerick ME Disk 15 minutes disk, spheres 5/24/05
4/1/91 20:00 Pittsboro NC Sphere 1-2 minutes 4 white spheres, seen early night, over Jordan Lake, from corner of Andrews Store Rd. & Chapel Hill Rd. 6/24/16
4/1/91 19:00 Mahopac NY Light 5 minutes Bright, glowing ball of light silently hovered over condo complex, then flew over condos parallel to ground. 2/1/07
4/1/91 18:00 Fort Fisher NC Light 30 minutes Red lights came out of the water, hovered a few seconds then went up at a slight angle at a speed that was incredible. As big as 3 airc 4/2/99
4/1/91 00:30 Wichita KS Triangle 1 hour Three orange lights 3/19/09