National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 12/1992
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
12/31/92 23:00 Bristol VA Other 1 hour Explosion of lights appear upon request 10/15/03
12/24/92 22:00 West Monroe LA Disk 2 hours Documented. The firefighters, State Police, and Sheriffs Office were called out to investigate a strange object in sky. 7/5/99
12/24/92 20:00 Cincinnati OH Triangle 5 min. Our sighting was a classic triangle type U.F.O though it seemed more phoenix shaped to us,It was christmas eve we just finished ourlate 3/7/98
12/18/92 23:45 Kings Lynn (UK/England)
Oval 12minutes observed UFO entering earths timescale via opened starlike-gate then watched it create a further Portal-gate to leav 8/5/09
12/15/92 20:45 Elkland MO Oval about 15 minutes I was followed by an oval shaped object for several miles and it took off rapidly after I shined a spotlight on it. 6/23/10
12/15/92 20:00 Fairview (Scott County) VA Disk 5 to 8 minutes Two saucer-like objects with lights floating along a valley seen by two witnesses, went up the mountain and disappeared. 5/24/05
12/15/92 05:55 Lenox MA Disk 4 min It came up through the trees and had red lights spaced around it. I could see it plain as day in front of me 10/31/03
12/15/92 Kaitaia (New Zealand)
Light 10 minutes bright light in sky follows car and does some amazing speed tricks with colored vopour trails 9/9/04
12/12/92 00:00 Fonthill (Canada) ON Fireball 3-5 minutes fireball seen ~ 3-5 foot 'grey' alien being seen. 1/10/14
12/11/92 22:00 St. Andrews (UK/Scotland)
Sphere 10mns. ? large sphere on the ground which reflected multicoloured light when spotlight hit it. 1/17/04
12/8/92 21:00 Exeter NH Diamond seconds I saw three diamond shaped lights in Exeter NH back in the 90's. 6/3/03
12/8/92 18:00 St. Julie (Canada) QC Changing 5 Minutes Light observed at close range with changing size and vanishing act 1/17/04
12/1/92 20:00 Casterton (Victoria) (Australia)
Oval I minute Driving I saw something in the sky, I looked up abit, then it sort of flashed away, and was gone. 9/19/02
12/1/92 02:00 Ottawa (Canada) ON Sphere 20 seconds Myself and a friend saw a spherical (football shaped) object hovering approximately 100 feet up and approximately 500 feet away in a no 2/16/99
12/1/92 01:00 Tromsoe (Norway)
Light 8 sec Small white bounsing light over steel bridge in calm weather. 6/6/00