National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 04/1993
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
4/21/93 19:30 Alamogordo NM Light 10 minutes strange, amber lights unlike conventional airplane lights 4/13/10
4/17/93 18:00 Rye (west of) CO Triangle 3 hours Bright light in sky in Colorado 1993 revealed as triangular craft from photo analysis. 12/7/06
4/15/93 09:30 Nicosia (Cyprus)
Sphere 20 minutes While sitting in a large-windowed kitchen overlooking open fields on a bright clear morning with high visibility, we, as a family of th 9/13/18
4/15/93 London (UK/England)
Disk 20 minutes I know now that these ufo saucers visited and studied this part of north london between april and may 1993 their activities were intenc 6/20/12
4/13/93 23:45 Pagosa Springs CO Cigar 30 Seconds Huge long narrow aircraft with seven huge lights appeared 100 ft. above our car and followed us for approximately a half mile 10/30/06
4/12/93 21:00 New Delhi (India)
Circle 2 minutes It was UFO 2/24/07
4/10/93 13:00 Three Rivers TX Sphere 20 minutes Spherical UFO tracks vehicle 1/10/09
4/4/93 19:00 Milwaukee WI Triangle 5 mins Milwaukee-- one winged, silent, brightest lights, huge, 1993 6/12/08