National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 07/1993
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
7/31/93 23:00 Brentwood Short's Lake (Canada) NS Oval 4min it was massive and didn't make a noise... lights in a constant triangular formation crossing over the craft. 7/28/10
7/20/93 21:30 Maltby (Snohomish, Woodinville) WA Diamond 1 minute Diamond shaped craft, red and green lights on each end of the diamond. 8/5/09
7/20/93 18:00 S. Burlington VT Triangle 2 hour span Orange pulsing triangle flying low with bulge in the shooting start. 11/11/13
7/18/93 00:30 Sainte-Julie (Canada) QC Egg 10 seconds It wasn't a rock or a birds flew in the night 10/30/06
7/15/93 22:00 Moscow ID Other 3 minutes Moscow, ID-Row of 5-6 off white lights moving silently & slowly east to west summer 93. 8/12/08
7/15/93 19:00 Minneapolis MN Triangle 1 Minute? Giant triangle-shaped craft at very low altitude right over North Minneapolis 2/1/07
7/15/93 01:00 Clovis NM Formation 45 seconds Early morning around 0100; I couldn’t sleep and was looking out the window and noticed 4 blinking red lights, above the horizon, that w 9/25/15
7/15/93 Blairsville PA Circle
In JL '93, I saw a "light" in the W part of the sky in my county Let me tell you about me; I was a police officer on 3/23/17
7/14/93 20:00 Winnsboro SC Triangle 5 minutes 3 Silver Triangular Ships close and low disappeared as I turned around 6/25/20
7/9/93 19:23 Bowling Green KY Chevron 5 minutes The warmth of the lights could be felt. 5/29/11
7/4/93 21:30 Gold Bar WA Circle 10 minutes ((HOAX??)) I believe that this craft was from another et civilization. 7/11/14
7/3/93 00:00 Manhatten Beach CA Light minutes Weird red spots on skin. 4/24/14
7/1/93 22:00 Oakdale CA Triangle 15 minutes triangle slowly moving object with "lightning" emitting from the front of it 10/8/07
7/1/93 12:00 Lexington KY Teardrop UKN Craft in Lexington, teardrop shaped, near University of Kentucky, appearing to children. 2/22/19
7/1/93 03:30 Katy TX Sphere 15 seconds An orange ball making two opposite 45 degree angle turns crosses the sky to the south in 5 - 7 seconds. 1/10/09
7/1/93 00:00 Efland NC Triangle 30 mins large craft hovering in field 12/12/11