National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 12/1995
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
12/31/95 21:00 Lake Stevens WA Fireball 15 seconds RED LIGHT HOVERING LAKE STEVENS AREA MADE NO SOUND 1/5/11
12/28/95 04:35 Indian Falls NY
-5min Too close for comfort! 3/4/08
12/27/95 13:00 Orlando FL Circle ~30 seconds I was amazed at the light bulb like glow and silence of the craft. 5/29/15
12/23/95 23:50 Warren MA Unknown 5 min. A large beam of light in the back yard 10/8/07
12/23/95 17:30 Mobile AL Other ~30 minutes My father had came to pick me up n go hunting at a buddy of ours place . ((anonymous report)) 3/14/19
12/23/95 06:00 Grand Coulee WA Disk 1 minute My boyfriend, his 12 yr old son, and myself. We were traveling on the highway Leaving electric city near banks lake going to soap lake 8/20/20
12/21/95 19:30 Birchwood AK Fireball 6-7 minutes Highly unusual lengthy meteor observation. 12/18/14
12/20/95 18:30 Cabo Rojo (Puerto Rico)
Light 1 hour 10 minutes Lights in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. 2/14/08
12/15/95 22:00 Ainsworth NE Light 30 minutes Stationary light turns off then on then remains in sky for the entire next day, but nobody notices? 3/8/07
12/15/95 20:50 Hawesville KY Changing Less than 5 minutes Strange orange light/craft hovering noiselessly overhead. 7/16/06
12/5/95 23:10 Salluit (Canada) QC Fireball 15-30 seconds Blue fireball seen by three children in arctic 8/7/11
12/4/95 02:00 Deming NM Changing 40 -60 Min Driving I10 west of Las Cruces NM a random shape object visable for more than 60 mins seem to follow my U-Hall truck. 12/7/06
12/3/95 23:00 Bakersfield (45 miles from) CA Light
We were on a road 1000 ft high from a lake driving up hill I see 1 light then 3 lights in a tryangal the 3 light come at us fast as tha 4/30/15