National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 02/1996
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
2/29/96 19:45 Redmond WA
35 sec. Mother, 2 young women witness an intensely bright, bluish-white, flashing light to the E. Obj. moved, became orange, pink. 11/2/99
2/29/96 01:15 Cedar Springs MI
15 min. Couple experience 2nd sighting of three lights over their rural home. Objects flashed red, green, white; distinct movement. 11/2/99
2/28/96 19:50 Redmond WA
4 sec. 2 adults see an extremely bright, round, "neon green/white" ball of light streak from S to NE in horiz. flt. Extremely bright & fast. 11/2/99
2/28/96 19:50 Lynnwood WA
3 sec. Man driving to west witnesses a very bright, white ball of light streak from S to N directly ahead of him 20 deg. above horizon. 11/2/99
2/28/96 19:48 Bothell WA
2 sec. Man repts. seeing a large, extremely bright "red, blue, and whitish" obj. streaking from S to NW. Former pilot, estimates Mach 3+. 11/2/99
2/28/96 19:45 Tri-Cities WA
30 sec. Businessman driving to W sees pulsating bluish-white light ahead of his car moving from N to S. Very bright, strobing light. 11/2/99
2/28/96 07:10 Newcastle WA
2 min. Man & wife witness four small, metallic-looking objs., reflecting bright sunlight, go streaking N to S. First 2x, then a 3rd, & 4th. 11/2/99
2/28/96 21:00 La Crosse WI Light 2 minutes I was in a building downtown on the third floor, I looked out the back door towards my home (about 7 blocks away) to the east and I saw 2/16/00
2/27/96 22:01 Saginaw MI
24 min.
2/27/96 22:01 Saginaw MI Light 8 min. Commuter airliner w/ passengers turns, descends 12,500' to avoid a bizarre, extremely bright obj. directly ahead. Obj. could "jump." 11/2/99
2/27/96 22:00 Cleveland ARTCC OH
10 min. FAA controller calls to recount event of commuter airliner near Saginaw, MI. Says pilot reported pulsing ball of light ahead of a/c. 11/2/99
2/27/96 19:45 Marysville WA

Man witnesses yellowish-white light near Venus. Obj. suddenly accelerate "in warp drive" and streaks to the north. 11/2/99
2/27/96 21:30 Detroit MI Light 20 min I was a commuter airline pilot at the time (co-pilot). We were flying from Pittsburg, PA to Saginaw, michigan at an altitude of 16,000 9/28/02
2/27/96 Troutdale (near) WA

Two brothers driving truck decide to calibrate odometer against road markers. Struck in face by flash of light, are 10 mi. down road! 11/2/99
2/27/96 Seattle WA

Woman reports experiencing a very short entity, "like a dwarf," in her bedroom during night. 2nd visitation in 3 years. 11/2/99
2/26/96 12:20 Fort Lauderdale FL Diamond 2 hrs. Three adults observe 2 "two tiny white rectangle, or rhomboids" just above horizon over ocean. Objs. descend, rise. 2nd sighting. 11/2/99
2/26/96 22:00 Ft. Mcpherson (Canada) NT Light 15 minutes unknown moving light. 3/11/06
2/25/96 02:30 Doylestown PA
3 min. Driving on Rte. 313, man sees 3 bright "meteorites." Eng. & lights fail, van stops abruptly. Paralyzed, feels something "scan" mind. 11/2/99
2/25/96 Edwards AFB CA

2/24/96 03:27 Glendora CA
2 min. Several police officers observe large red ball of light move S, then E, then S, disappear from sight. (Missle launch from Vandenberg.) 11/2/99
2/24/96 03:20 Tehachapi Mtns. CA Light 3 min. Couple see very bright, orange/red obj. approach from W, turn 90 deg., go S. Large, comet-like tail. (Missle from Vandenberg AFB). 11/2/99
2/24/96 03:15 Edwards AFB CA
2 min. Controller at Edwards AFB reports receiving two calls from local law enforcement re orange fireball. Radar neg. (Missle launch??) 11/2/99
2/23/96 22:30 Prineville OR
2 min. Man, 2 other adults, witness large, rectangular obj. w/ "curious" red, blue, green "blended colors" on bottom pass overhead. 11/2/99
2/23/96 21:29 Madison TN
1 min. Several children witness a "small silver disc w/ a white light on top." Streaks off. Mother separates them & they draw same obj.. 11/2/99
2/23/96 20:15 Los Angeles CA Triangle 1-2 minutes At 20:15 Pacific time on 2/23/96, while out on balconywith telescope, looked west, south west,and saw 3 triangularshaped objects with a 3/7/98
2/23/96 12:40 Poway CA Light 11 minutes Saw 2 points of light moving slowly across sky then after 11 minutes, 1 of them streaked off towards the east and was gone in 10-12 sec 4/2/99
2/21/96 21:05 North Vancouver (Canada) BC Sphere 2 minutes softly illuminated sphere about 15 feet in diameter traversed sky overhead at 1,800 feet altitude--no detectable sound. 12/2/00
2/20/96 01:00 Benicia CA Changing 5 minutes it was real close,didn't make a sound, didn't stir the air,it actually was beautiful,a soft red glow all around,was changing shape. 11/11/03
2/19/96 22:44 Whidbey Island WA
10 sec. Three adults see triangular shaped obj., w/ 4 very bright white lights, streak to the E. Emphasized brightness of light, humming sound. 11/2/99
2/19/96 20:45 Vero Beach FL
35 min. Young man & woman witness peculiar bright yellow light, w/ "green streaks," in W sky. Moves, turns red. 3rd observer 10 mi. away. 11/2/99
2/19/96 17:00 Vero Beach FL Light 45 seconds Was driving north on 82nd ave. Two bright flashes of light caught my attention to the west. Then the light moved slowly north then back 6/5/15
2/18/96 19:45 Gainesville FL Diamond 5 min. Man, wife, and 6-yr. old daughter witness "huge, diamond-shaped" obj. SE of city. Obj. had "massive floodlights," passed overhead. 11/2/99
2/18/96 02:05 Cedar Springs MI

Man & wife witness three strange lights near their rural home. They exhibited red, green, and white light; formed a triangle. 11/2/99
2/17/96 19:30 Cactus Flats CA
5 min. 3 men on motorcycles witness 6 large, bright objs. hovering in the sky, 1 on the ground. Objs. illuminate area dramatically, fade out. 11/2/99
2/16/96 21:45 Ithaca NY
3 min. Woman & husband (pilot) see very large, illuminated obj., shaped like "upside down cage on a blimp," pass overhead. Good rept.. 11/2/99
2/16/96 18:22 Reno NV

2/16/96 04:10 Cashmere WA
5 sec. Woman sees round, orange "globe" of light flying to W. Wakes husband, who sees obj. briefly. Obj. flew up valley, disappeared. 11/2/99
2/15/96 23:00 St. Albert (Canada) ON Circle 30 secs A bright white object moving slowly across the sky split into 4 other craft 3 of which surrounded the white one in the middle to form a 1/29/02
2/15/96 19:30 Glasgow (UK/Scotland)
2/15/96 16:00 Camden SC Other 5 minutes The largest fastest moving object that I have ever seen and never heard. 12/16/05
2/14/96 21:30 Miltona MN Circle 20minutes Circular object follows car, 4 witnesses. 9/21/00
2/14/96 20:00 New Gretna NJ Changing 5 minutes Spherical white lights in a moving semi circular pattern. 1/10/14
2/14/96 18:30 Parkers Prairie MN Circle 20 minutes UFO chases car 8 miles. 4 witnesses. Several sightings afterward.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
2/13/96 18:30 Sweet Home OR
40 min. Caller reported that they had "spotted a UFO" in Sweet Home. It had red, blue, yellow, and green colors, 8/5/01
2/11/96 19:30 Lake Stevens WA

Five observers witness red-orange, egg-shaped obj. w/ a "halo" fly from the SE to NW. 11/2/99
2/10/96 17:00 Mount Shasta CA Fireball 10 seconds Driving on the road which ascends Mt. Shasta, first mile in. Object seen above and to front of car. 11/19/98
2/10/96 11:00 Alice Springs (NT, Australia)
Other 5 seconds A humanoid dwarf/troll/grey alien type thing walked up the steps of a pasta restataunt I was in and stared at me. 11/17/99
2/9/96 21:40 Hollywood FL
6 min. Man sees a "star" overhead begin to move from W to E, fly w/ oscillating movement, "from side to side," fade from sight. 2nd observer. 11/2/99
2/9/96 19:45 Eureka CA
4 min. Woman and neighbor witness bizarre formation of up to ten objs. overhead w/ white flashing lights. Objs. maneuvered; 1/3 of sky. 11/2/99
2/9/96 19:30 Charleston OR
2 min. Man sees bizarre formation of craft fly over Charleston Harbor, all simultaneously turn to SE. 2 types of objects. Loud noise. 11/2/99
2/9/96 18:45 Whidbey Island WA
5 min. Five adults witness in W sky an elongate obj. w/ flashing lights moving N to S, like 3 "diamonds in row." Length 4-7x dia. of moon! 11/2/99
2/9/96 18:45 Seattle WA
5 min. Young man w/ neighbor witness bizarre multiple flashing lights in straight line over E horiz.. Obj. hovered, moved, then streaked off. 11/2/99
2/9/96 18:40 Woodinville WA

Experienced UFO investigator and husband witness three peculiar blinking lights, then a fourth, fly from N to E sky. Ascends in sky. 8/5/01
2/9/96 18:30 Redmond WA
90 sec. Man repts. 4-6 tiny objs. w/ very bright strobing lights fly S to N in W sky. "Wobbled, weaved vert." in flt. 4 min. later, N to S! 11/2/99
2/9/96 18:25 Granite Falls WA Cylinder
Woman repts. 4 white flashing lights in a straight-line formation passing very rapidly W to E to the north of her home. Exclnt report. 11/2/99
2/9/96 17:50 Langley WA Cylinder 5 min. Five witnesses observe long, slender, tubular obj. w/ pointed nose moving N to S in W sky. Descends, disappears behind Olympic Mtns. 11/2/99
2/9/96 10:00 Danville VA Disk 3 min Beautiful gold colored disk up close 2/14/10
2/8/96 07:11 St. Joseph MO Sphere 5 sec. Young nurse sees bizarre white, illuminated sphere hovering above treeline to west of hospital. Obj. suddenly turns green, disappears. 11/2/99
2/8/96 00:15 Redding CA
15 min. Man seess obj. shaped like "upside-down ice cream cone" pass slowly overhead. Yellow, w/ 3 lights on bottom. Shot flames down. 11/2/99
2/8/96 05:12 Recife (Brazil)
Oval 2 seconds An oval flying objet crosses the sky in a high speed and in a straigh line way. 3/2/04
2/7/96 17:30 Gilbert AZ

Pilot repts. witnessing a "red object," which faded, began moving E, stopped, then moved S. Suddenly disappeared w/ a flash of light. 11/2/99
2/4/96 13:30 Marblemount WA
5 min. Woman & man witness peculiar aircraft "w/ disc above it." Suddenly, disc separates from the a/c, flies ahead of it! Very slow flt.(??) 11/2/99
2/4/96 23:00 Manitoba (rural) (Canada) MB Disk 10 minutes While driving on the highway one night, I drove right underneath a saucer shaped UFO hovering about 75 feet above the road. 3/19/02
2/3/96 22:44 Walla Walla Airport WA
4 min. Air traffic controller reports a pale yellow light, that looked "square" in his binoculars, pass from SE to directly overhead. 11/2/99
2/3/96 11:00 Lake Oswego OR

UFO investigator relays report: Woman witnesses "cigar-shaped" craft near I-5/Rte. 217 interchange. White & blue color. 300' alt.. 11/2/99
2/2/96 20:35 Portland OR
5 sec. Man sees wedge-shaped obj. pass overhead at high rate of speed. Appeared to have 6-8 rectangular, white lights on each "wing." 11/2/99
2/2/96 20:00 Inverkeithing (UK/Scotland)
Triangle 2 hours Saw black triangular, slow moving craft above me then experienced a time lapse unknown to myself. 7/16/03
2/1/96 21:05 Las Vegas NV
30 sec. UFO investigator and husband witness a very bright light in W sky. Suddenly develops greenish-blue tail, accelerates up at 45 deg.. 11/2/99
2/1/96 21:00 Big Pine CA
4 sec. Woman sees large triangular obj. w/ white sparks pouring off its nose pass over Hwy 395, disappear to E. Twice size of moon. 11/2/99
2/1/96 06:07 Woodinville WA
1 minute Man reports seeing obj. in apparent polar orbit (?), that appeared to be emitting an erratic strobing effect. (Tumbling satellite??) 11/2/99
2/1/96 22:30 Platteville WI Circle 15 minutes circle of lights passed over head 4/27/07
2/1/96 22:00 Kensington MD Light Unknown Stationary flashing colors of light behind mist appearing in night sky right above highway very large! 5/11/05
2/1/96 15:00 Doyline LA Triangle 3 minutes TRIANGLER CRAFT NEAR BARKSDALE 6/20/05
2/1/96 03:00 Cordillera de los Andes (Coya Rancagua) (Chile)
Triangle 10 segundos Estabamos con un amigo en el interior de nuestra carpa, contando chistes y hablando de cualquier cosa, cuando de repente una gran luz a 9/19/02
2/1/96 New Hampshire OH

CUFOS relays sighting report: 4 family members witness a huge obj. w/ ring of alternating orange & blue-green lights around it. 11/2/99