National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 12/1996
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
12/31/96 18:30 Tucson AZ Disk 15 minutes Craft was spotted hovering over the city. 6/12/08
12/29/96 19:00 Venezuela
Disk 30-45 seconds object with bright lights, which caught fire,broke into three pieces and fell into heavy jungle 10/31/08
12/28/96 20:00 Laredo TX Changing 10 seconds Fiery object falling, breaks into 2 pieces, each dart toward opposite horizons 5/8/15
12/26/96 15:00 Mittenwald (Germany)
Cylinder 15min. + Twin cylindrical craft in stationary formation over Bavarian Alpine town of Mittenwald 1996 2/1/07
12/25/96 19:00 London (UK/England)
Light 2 minutes or so Three round white lights fixed in triangle shape over London, UK night sky on 12.25.96 converged into one. 4/13/10
12/22/96 12:30 Parma OH Other 2 minutes We just finished lunch and went back to work at the corner of Sarasota and Sun Haven Rd. Looking up in the sky, I noticed what appeared 10/10/11
12/12/96 17:10 Elizabeth NJ Changing varies There are many sighting i have seen in my lifetime, there are even some that i have heard from my neibors out of the united states. 12/12/11
12/10/96 21:00 Garden Grove CA Other 2 minutes It disappeared in part of a second 12/1/19
12/10/96 12:00 Memphis TN Oval 5 minutes around shape object in memphis.please this is no lie..... 11/28/07